Strategy Development and Planning

In the strategy development phase potential solutions are assessed. The strategy development phase can build on the problem analysis phase, but it can also evolve directly from the agenda setting phase (if people feel they already know how it works). In this phase future scenarios are often used. To bridge the gap to the implementation phase it is wise to include experiments and pilots in this phase.

Strategy Development and Planning related tools:

    1. CLUE model for future land use simulation
    2. Climate App for urban adaptation
    3. Decision Support for selecting economic instruments
    4. DENVISS, Delta Envisioning Support System
    5. Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways (DAPP)
    6. €ureyeopener for freshwater management
    7. LARCH model: connectivity of the landscape for plant and animal species
    8. MapTable
    9. PlanningKit
    10. PROBS: Probability of Occurrence of Plant Species
    11. Coastal Strategy Development Method
    12. VSD and SUMO, Modelling soil and vegetation processes
    13. WaterGuide Agriculture
    14. Waterwise for freshwater allocation in a river basin
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