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The Netherlands is a low-lying country where the rivers, the IJsselmeer and the North Sea provide an abundance of water. The delta must protect itself against flooding and ensure a sufficient fresh-water supply. The Netherlands must also prepare itself for rising sea levels, soil subsidence and higher temperatures. The Delta Programme is designed to rise to these challenges. The knowledge issues from this Delta Programme return in the National Water and Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme (abbreviated to NKWK in Dutch), which has been operational since 2015. 

The NKWK comprises of fourteen research tracks, in which government authorities, knowledge institutes and companies collaborate on pilot projects, topical issues and long-term developments. The NKWK serves as the Dutch Wing of the Delta Alliance.

The Dutch Delta


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The Netherlands is a river delta. In the past the rivers flowed to the sea without restraint. Today they are largely contained by groynes and dykes. The current rivers area consists of the river basins of the Meuse, IJssel, Schelde and Rhine. In the west there is a densely populated coastal zone that is home to the Randstad conurbation – the economic heart of the Netherlands. It has a population of 9 million people and accounts for 70 percent of the total income earned.





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