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Comparative assessment of the vulnerability and resilience of deltas - Extended version with 14 deltas Synthesis report - Delta Alliance report number 7 (2014). Tom Bucx (Deltares), Wim van Driel (Alterra-Wageningen UR), Hans de Boer (TU-Delft), Susan Graas (UNESCO-IHE), Victor Langenberg (Deltares), Marcel Marchand (Deltares), Cees van de Guchte (Deltares).
Delta Alliance Secretary, Tuesday 16 September 2014
Conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change II Announcement Sept 24-26, 2014 As more knowledge is gained, climate adaptation strategies have been developed and measures taken. Yet a great deal remains to be done. How can risk analysis be improved? Which measures are most effective? How should they be best financed and implemented? Which stakeholders should be involved? These topics and many more will be discussed in a lively setting during the conference in 2014, Deltas in Times of Climate Change II.
Deltas in Times of Climate Change II, Monday 18 March 2013
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