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Ghana Delta Alliance wing successfully organised stakeholder meetings on the Volta Delta (2-3 February 2017) The Ghana Delta Alliance Wing successfully organised National and Local stakeholder Consultative Meetings on 2-3 February. The two meetings were organised and facilitated by The Development Institute (The DI) with funding support from Delta Alliance Secretariat, Netherlands.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Wednesday 15 February 2017
Report Knowledge Sharing Meeting Dynamic Deltas available (26 January 2017) The Knowledge Sharing Meeting was an initiative of the Dynamic Deltas research programme and the Embassy of Bangladesh in the Netherlands, to share findings and exchange. Dynamic Deltas (2012-2017).
At the end of the meeting, it was expressed that both countries can learn from each other in terms of delta management. Knowledge exchange continues to be important and a priority is to nurture and expand research networks between professionals from the Netherlands and Bangladesh in future cooperation.
Thursday 9 February 2017
Initiative to develop a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in the Netherlands The Netherlands, Japan and UN Environment will lead the establishment of a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in The Netherlands. The Centre will address the growing need for support among countries, institutions and businesses for dealing with climate change adaptation issues, such as natural disasters and economic disruptions.
The Delta Alliance is involved in the establishment of this Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation. The statement of intent has been signed by Renske Peters, as director of the Delta Alliance Internatioal, to support the development and to engange other potential partners in the development of the Centre.
Dutch Government, Tuesday 7 February 2017
Knowledge Sharing Meeting of Dynamic Deltas (26 January 2017) The meeting will be chaired by H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Belal, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Wednesday 4 January 2017
Delta Alliance newsletter (December 2016) In this newsletter a. o.: Upcoming events, From the Argentina Wing, Delta Planning and Management, Habitat III, ESPA Deltas meeting, Changes in team international secretariat.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 22 December 2016
Colloquium: Delta Planning and Management (18 November 2016)
Wednesday 7 December 2016
Workshop Lujan Basin (8 November 2016)
Argentina Wing, Wednesday 7 December 2016
Seminar: Innovative Strategies in basins and deltas and their implementation mechanisms (25 October 2016)
Argentina Wing, Thursday 1 December 2016
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