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Launch new call for proposals Urbanising Deltas of the World The NWO research and innovation programme Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) has launched a new call for proposals (€3M), which aims to fund projects that address business challenges in deltas in developing countries. UDW invites interested parties to apply for preliminary proposals, which can be submitted until 16 March 2015.
NWO, Wednesday 14 January 2015
Delta Alliance Newsletter (January 2015) In this issue you find news articles, publications, tools, workshop reports, and information on different topics, such as Wing developments.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Tuesday 6 January 2015
Report on Regional Training Workshop: Challenges and Approaches in Delta Planning and Management From 19-23 October 2014 a delta training and planning workshop was organised. The workshop was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Objective of the workshop was the direct South – South exchange on objectives and challenges in delta planning taking into account similarities and differences among deltas in South East Asia. The 34 participants of the workshops had governmental, non-governmental and private sector backgrounds. In total 30% of the participants were alumni of Wageningen UR or UNESCO-IHE.
UNESCO-IHE, Wageningen UR, CEGIS Bangladesh, Vietnam National University – Center for Water Management and Climate Change, Tuesday 2 December 2014
International Advisory Committee, September 2014 The Delta Alliance held a dedicated session with the International Advisory Committee Board of the Delta Alliance the day before the Deltas in times of climate change conference began.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Wednesday 24 September 2014
Netherlands Burma Water Management Cooperation to Address Challenges, Boost Trade Burma and the Netherlands resumed water management cooperation in 2013 after a hiatus of some 25 years. During a recent visit by the Dutch minister of infrastructure and transport, both sides expanded the cooperation and revealed plans for a joint US$20 million pilot project to improve use of the Irrawaddy River. Wim van Driel from the Delta Alliance was interviewed for this article.
The IRRAWADDY, Tuesday 24 June 2014
Regional Training Workshop on Delta Planning and Management. Challenges, Approaches and Experiences from Asian Deltas and the Rhine-Meuse Delta, 19-23 October 2014, Bangladesh The workshop aims at professionals in delta management from South and Southeast Asia and offers a balanced combination of interactive lectures, case studies, field visit, and group assignments and discussions.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 23 June 2014
Shrinking and Sinking Deltas: Major role of Dams in delta subsidence and Effective Sea Level Rise Studies and reports from the ground are warning us that most of the deltas around the world are shrinking due to catastrophic sea level rise. And not all the blame can be put on climate change. According to several independent scientific studies, the major reason behind this effective sea level rise is delta subsidence. The major reason behind this is sediment trapping by the dams built on the upstream rivers, which are starving deltas of sediment and result in oceans eroding and literally devouring precious deltas. Download the report.
SANDRP, South Asia Network on Dams Rivers and People, Thursday 29 May 2014
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