Delta Alliance Newsletter – Taiwan Special, August 2015 This newsletter is focussed on one of newest Wings of Delta Alliance: Taiwan. The Taiwan Wing presents in this newsletter it’s partners and the four major delta regions.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 31 August 2015
Delta Alliance Newsletter (January 2015) In this issue you find news articles, publications, tools, workshop reports, and information on different topics, such as Wing developments.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Tuesday 6 January 2015
Delta Alliance Newsletter (December 2013) In this issue you find news, publications and information on different topics, events, such as the progress review, the announcement of our new director, and new projects.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 19 December 2013
Delta Alliance Newsletter, special edition In this special edition of our newsletter, we would like to draw your attention to our Young Professionals Award. Delta Alliance is inviting young professionals around the world to submit innovative solutions to increase the resilience of the world’s deltas. Join the competition and spread this call! The best contributions will be presented and discussed during a Delta Alliance side event at the RIO+20 conference in Brazil.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Tuesday 13 March 2012
Delta Alliance Newsletter (March 2011) This issue informs you about the report ‘Comparative assessment of 10 deltas’ , the Delta Alliance sessions during the Delta 2011 conference in Hanoi, the Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools, Delta missions, and about Tineke Huizinga, which is the new chairperson of Delta Alliance.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 24 March 2011
Delta Alliance Newsletter (December 2010) This issue of the Delta Alliance newsletter informs you about meetings with Wings en institutes interested in Wings, a round up of 2010, the project "Comparative assessment of the vulnerability and resilience of 10 deltas", and others.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Wednesday 22 December 2010
Delta Alliance Newsletter (October 2010) Welcome to all new readers who signed up for this newsletter during the conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change, held in Rotterdam last week! This newsletter gives an overview of the activities under the international delta network. Included in this issue are an impression of the Delta Alliance launch event, the DeltaCompetition2010 and the first joint project under Delta Alliance. Further, you are invited to become a member of Delta Alliance by signing the online declaration and join our LinkedIn group. Last but not least, our Delta Alliance Launch Officer Katherine Trajan is leaving, who we wish all the best in her future career!
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 7 October 2010
Delta Alliance Newsletter (September 2010) This issue of the Delta Alliance newsletter informs you about the latest developments of this international delta network; launching the network during the september conference "Deltas in Times of Climate Change"; the DeltaCompetition2010 Awards; the Delta Alliance Electronic Board Room Session; Showcasing Inter-Delta Cooperation and Booth 'Worldwide Delta Networks'.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 23 September 2010
Delta Alliance Newsletter (July 2010) This issue of the Delta Alliance newsletter informs you about the latest developments of your international delta network. During our strategy session in Shanghai on June 7, the mission of Delta Alliance was confirmed. We would like to encourage you to visit our online platform '' and to fill in our questionnaire if you did not already do so. Further, Mr. Will Travis, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission in California, shares the challenges of working in this delta region.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 22 July 2010
Delta Alliance Newsletter (April 2010) First Delta Alliance newsletter in 2010 with information about the Alliance Scoping Workshops, the Adaptation Methods and Tools Workshop, BandungDelta Competition 2010, 1st World Estuary Alliance Conference in June, the Delta Alliance announced in Copenhagen and an interview with Prof. Sopaheluwakan.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Friday 9 April 2010
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