Problem Analysis

In the problem analysis phase some resources are made available to investigate the status of the problem and to gain more information on causes and effects. This can involve science but it can also be based on practical experience, governmental departments providing documentation, public hearings and so on. Most likely this phase will change the previous framing of the problem as it provides better information on causes and effects.

Problem Analysis related tools:

    1. APFM Flood Management Tools Series
    2. CLUE model for future land use simulation
    3. Climate Adaptation Atlas
    4. DIMO: Plant Dispersal Model
    5. FAO GeoNetwork for data access
    6. LARCH model: connectivity of the landscape for plant and animal species
    7. NTM model for a biodiversity index
    8. RIBASIM: River Basin Planning and Management
    9. Tipping Point Analysis
    10. VSD and SUMO, Modelling soil and vegetation processes
    11. WaterGuide Agriculture
    12. 3Di


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