About Delta Alliance

Delta Alliance is an international knowledge-driven network organisation with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. With increasing pressure from population growth, industrialisation and a changing climate, it is more important than ever that these valuable and vulnerable locations increase their resilience to changing conditions. The Delta Alliance, with 18 network wings from 15 countries brings people together who live and work in deltas. The Delta Alliance provides a platform where they can share their knowledge and benefit from each other’s experience and expertise and as such contribute to an increased resilience of their delta region.
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To improve the resilience of deltas worldwide

The strategy to realise this mission is outlined in the Delta Alliance Strategic Framework, and includes the following:
1. Envisioning and defining resilience for deltas
2. Measuring and monitoring resilience
3. Reporting and creating pressure for improved resilience
4. Providing inspiration and assistance for improved resilience

The Strategic Framework (pdf, September 2010) further outlines the Delta Alliance resilience strategy and declaration, milestones and objectives, organisational and network development, projects, and funding. The framework is an outcome of the scoping activities, which explored opportunities for an international delta network starting with partners in California, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Vietnam. As the development of Delta Alliance is a continuous and dynamic process, the strategy requires a periodic (preferably annual) review by the Advisory Committee and the International Governing Board.  

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