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Delta Alliance is an international knowledge-driven network organization with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. With increasing pressure from population growth, industrialization and a changing climate, it is more important than ever that these valuable and vulnerable locations increase their resilience to changing conditions. Delta Alliance brings people together who live and work in deltas. They can benefit from each other’s experience and expertise and as such contribute to an increased resilience of their delta region, with the help for instance of network wings.

Click on the Deltaviewer for information on the characteritics of deltas and for examples of applied tools in deltas, referring to Adaptive Delta Management and its planning cycle:



Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Adaptive Delta Management This report provides an overview of new approaches emerging in several deltas that can be labelled under the heading of Adaptive Delta Management.
Marcel Marchand (Deltares) and Fulco Ludwig (Wageningen UR-Alterra), Monday 30 June 2014
Final report on the Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award activity This reports describes all the activities undertaken by Delta Alliance in a chronological order within the framework the Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award. It also reports on the successful follow-up activities of the Award Winning teams, which have substantially increased the chance to bring the Award winning solutions into practice.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 30 June 2014


Workshop & Seminar Jakarta Climate Change Adaptation Tools: The Pathway Towards City Resiliency, 21 August 2014, Jakarta The JCAT project will hold its final workshop to showcase and share the tools and knowledge developed in the JCAT project, to discuss the progress of the project within a wider scope of city resiliency, and to explore concrete uses for further applications of tools and knowledge in practice.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 11 August 2014
Regional Training Workshop on Delta Planning and Management. Challenges, Approaches and Experiences from Asian Deltas and the Rhine-Meuse Delta, 19-23 October 2014, Bangladesh The workshop aims at professionals in delta management from South and Southeast Asia and offers a balanced combination of interactive lectures, case studies, field visit, and group assignments and discussions.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 23 June 2014
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