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'Living with the Mekong', Travel report of a Dutch architect Architect Joep Janssen (1977) lived and worked four years in Ho Chi Minh City. In Living with the Mekong he gives a personal account of how Vietnam and the Vietnamese people cope with the consequences of climate change.
Blauwdruk Publishers, Friday 27 November 2015
Delta Alliance Webinar on coast and deltas: recording and highlights online On 8 October 2015 the Delta Alliance Webinar: 'Squeeze an orange, but do not squeeze the delta's coast please!' took place. Have a look at the recording and the 5-minute highlights of this webinar.
The Water Channel / Delta Alliance, Thursday 15 October 2015
Henk Ovink’s Rebuild by Design Competition receives US Federal innovation award Henk Ovink, Delta Alliance International Governing Board Member, developed the Rebuild by Design Competition. This international design competition tasked with developing innovative plans to protect the New York region from another Superstorm Sandy, has been awarded the first-ever 'Most Groundbreaking Federal Challenge or Prize Competition' in the USA.
Delta Alliance Secretary /, Friday 9 October 2015
New Delta Flume takes Dutch dike expertise forward The Netherlands has a new hydraulic research facility: the Delta Flume. The ten-metre-high wave board from Delta Alliance partner Deltares can simulate any wave pattern found at sea or in rivers. This facility in Delft will be the location for full-scale studies of the effects of extreme waves on dikes, dunes or breakwaters.
Deltares, Monday 5 October 2015
Webinar: 'Squeeze an orange, but do not squeeze the delta's coast please!' on 8 October 2015 'Coastal squeeze' is a disease that has caused serious trouble along most coasts around our world. Massive urbanisation and occupation of the land-water transition has caused an enormous stress on the land-water ecosystems. One of the speakers is Marcel Stive from TU Delft. He will explain what is meant with "coastal squeeze" and will give a presentation on the current situation of deltas and it's management.
Delta Alliance Secretary / The Water Channel TV, Friday 2 October 2015
Delta Alliance Newsletter – Taiwan Special, August 2015 This newsletter is focussed on one of newest Wings of Delta Alliance: Taiwan. The Taiwan Wing presents in this newsletter it’s partners and the four major delta regions.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 31 August 2015
Delta Alliance present at Stockholm Water Week 2015 Join us at the Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction session during the Stockholm Water Week on Monday 24th of August, 14.00 – 15.30 h, Room FH202. The session is organised by The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Deltares in collaboration with the Delta Alliance.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 13 August 2015
Workshop 'Urban-Environmental Scenarios for Lower Parana Delta' Workshop held on 24 April 2015 to create an environment for stakeholder participation through scenario development and joint fact finding, in order to improve the level of integration of the spatial planning context. The activities were focused on the Lower Parana Delta.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Friday 10 July 2015
Active Discussion Session on Adaptive Delta Management In this session, it was explored how science and practice can be reconnected to advance Adaptive Delta Management and how transferable ADM is to other Deltas in the world. Speakers from government, knowledge institutes and businesses shared their experience and put forward propositions as a starting point for an interactive debate with the audience. The session was organised by Delft Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative (DIMI) of Delft University and the Delta Alliance. The presentations marked a start of an active and lively discussion amongst the participants. The Dutch partners in the Delta Alliance will organise follow-up discussion sessions on how ADM, as a tool, could fill the knowledge gap on integrated planning and governance.
Delta Alliance, Tuesday 30 June 2015
DA Wing Bangladesh in newsarticle: 'Land-reclamation from Bay solution to overpopulation' Claiming Bangladesh has already reclaimed around 1,000 square kilometers of land from the sea, Water Resources Minister Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud on Sunday said the government has given top priority on reclamation of land from Bay of Bengal, reports UNB. Institute of Water Modelling (IWM) and Partners of Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing jointly organised the workshop on 'Urban Flooding in Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta'
The News Today, Monday 11 May 2015
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