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The Delta Alliance Benin Wing (DABJW), member of Delta Alliance International is an international knowledge-driven network organisation with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. DABJW brings organisations, institutes, developers and experts together who live and work in and around the deltaic systems in Benin and neighbouring countries. The Ouémé Delta in Benin is the focus area for the work of DABJW. 
The wing is coordinated by Mr M. Djondo ED of the Benin Environment and Education Society (BEES) and organisations and research institutes such as the National Institute of Water, the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, and the Benin Global Water Partnership. They form the Steering Committee of the DABJW team.

Ouémé Delta

Ouémé River is the largest River of Benin Republic. Its main course is ca. 510 km long. It takes it source in the Tanéka Mountains in the Department of Atacora and receives two main tributaries, Okpara (200 km) and Zou (150 km). The Ouémé Delta is the most important of the two Benin delta's. This delta is sustained by both two rivers (Ouémé and Sô), and includes a lake, a lagoon and a channel to the sea. The delta is classified as a Ramsar site (1018) known as Basse Vallée de l'Ouémé, Lagune de Porto-Novo, Lac Nokoué. The Delta complex is facing challenges due to population pressure, unsustainable management and climate change.
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Maximin Djondo,  Executive Director for Benin Environment and Education Society (BEES NGO)
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News and activities

Participatory ecosystem service mapping to enhance community-based mangrove rehabilitation and management in the Ouémé Delta (July - October 2020)
In the Ouémé Delta, mangrove ecosystems constitute a valuable resource for community livelihoods. They provide habitats for flora and fauna species, protect the coast against erosion and flooding and supply various products for local communities. Over the last decades however, mangroves are overused and seriously degraded. In order to have an understanding of the environmental and livelihood importance of mangroves in the Delta, and to ultimately develop rehabilitation initiatives, assessing the mangrove ecosystem services is essential to understand and manage the contribution of these ecosystems to the well-being of local communities.

Water Support Programme
Benin has started an ambitious programme to provide 100% of the population piped water and sustainable sanitation in the foreseeable future. It involves in the OmiDelta programme in which access to clean drinking water, hygiene promotion, sanitation services and a safer environment for people in the Ouémé delta is aimed for by 2021. Furthermore, the Water Support Programme stimulates collaboration between Benin and The Netherlands; one of the most important donors in the field of water and sanitation. Strategic Advisor on Water for Benin, Caroline Figuères, wrote a mission report in which she urges the Dutch water sector to lobby and advocate for new programmes. These
projects should have a regional and/or integrated multi-sectoral approach (including water) through central funds from the Dutch Government (DGIS and RVO), building on the experiences and lessons learned in the water sector in Benin during the last years. The mission was the foundation of the Benin Platform meeting held on 12 March 2020. The (French) mission report and the Benin Platform meeting report can be found on the Netherlands Water Partnership website. >> Read more

Benin Platform meeting
Netherlands Water Partnership, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are organising a Benin Platform meeting. Are you looking for an update on Benin’s water sector? Want to discuss reasons to continue working in Benin after bilateral funds (related to water) from the Embassy of the Netherlands phases out in 2021 and how to do this? Want to know more about possible partnerships and funding opportunities? Then register for this Benin Platform meeting! >> Read more

Survey on challenges in the Ouémé Delta
The Benin Wing has, as part of the Delta Alliance Activity Fund 2019, conducted a survey on challenges faced in the Ouémé Delta and validated and discussed results through a participatory stakeholder workshop including local governments, the National Institute of Water, the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, the Benin Environment Society NGO and the Benin Global Water Partnership, the Ministry of Water through the National Office of Water and the Ouémé Basin Committee as well as the Benin Environmental Agency and private sector stakeholders. Challenges touched upon were population increase, unsustainable management and climate change, which made this activity particularly relevant to build capacities of local authorities and work towards a common vision for counteracting pressures and challenges in the management of the delta. Furthermore, the initiative created synergy between governmental actors and other stakeholders and understanding of processes that are taking place in the area. The initiative was supported by the Dutch Embassy and the French Development Agency, which has created an atmosphere of cooperation that will guide to new opportunities in the future.

Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production (Fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly, Nairobi, Kenya (11-15 March 2019)
Delta Alliance Wing coordinators from Kenya and Benin met UNEP, IUCN and others during the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) that took place from 11-15 March 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya. Under the overall theme, ‘Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production,’ the following topics were addressed: Environmental challenges related to poverty and natural resources management, including sustainable food systems, food security and halting biodiversity loss; Life-cycle approaches to resource efficiency, energy, chemicals and waste management; Innovative sustainable business development at a time of rapid technological change.
The opportunity was taken to exchange recent Delta developments in Benin and Kenya, discuss sustainable financing and promote the Delta Alliance and its 2019 programme including the plan of action for the establishment of the Africa Deltas Alliance Network on research and knowledge exchange (AfDAN) lead by the Kenyan Wing Coordinator. Mr. Peter Odhengo.

Signing of the Membership Agreement Delta Alliance - Benin Wing (September 2018), The Delta Alliance welcomes Benin as new Wing!                
The Ouémé River and delta is the largest system of Benin Republic providing vital ecosystem services for the livelihoods of many millions of people. Unfortunately population pressure and unsustainable infrastructure development, inadequate management of natural habitats and resources, and pollution threaten the productivity of coastal ecosystems. Moreover, today climate change is a major threat to sustainable development due to Benin low adaptive capacity and high dependency on climate-sensitive resources, such as water resources and ecological systems.
On 28 September 2018 in Delft (The Netherlands) the membership of Benin as Delta Alliance Wing came into place. Benin joined the 18 international deltas of the Delta Alliance following for the African continent Ghana, Egypt, and Kenya. The Delta Alliance now consists of 19 Wings from 16 countries.
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Delta Alliance Bening Wing Report of the Oueme Delta: status and trends
This report presents an assessment done by the Delta Alliance Benin Wing, and depicts a diversity of drivers of change including socio-economic, climatic and institutional factors contributing to current pressures and opportunities. The report indicates how for example hydrological disturbances, flooding and salinization cause contemporary challenges, but also presents opportunities for improved institutional/organizational aspects of sustainable delta management. Guiding principles and concrete recommendations for practical approaches of sustainable delta management are provided.   
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Thursday 1 Ocotber 2020

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