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Delta Alliance Ghana Wing Report of the Volta Delta Status and trends This report presents a study on factors contributing to challenges and opportunities experienced in the Volta Delta today. Each of these factors – from population growth and migration, to economic development and industry, and to climate change and sea level rise – contribute to ongoing changes within the Ghana Delta. Challenges related to flooding and erosion, salt water intrusion, irrigation, drainage, and sanitation, are extensively discussed in this report, after which an overview of adaptive measures and technical methods and tools to support sustainable delta management for the Volta Delta is provided.
Acacia Water, Deltares, The Development Institute, The University of Ghana, Delta Alliance Ghana Wing, Friday 2 October 2020
Delta Alliance Benin Wing Report of the Oueme Delta Status and Trends This report presents an assessment done by the Delta Alliance Benin Wing, and depicts a diversity of drivers of change including socio-economic, climatic and institutional factors contributing to current pressures and opportunities. The report indicates how for example hydrological disturbances, flooding and salinization cause contemporary challenges, but also presents opportunities for improved institutional/organizational aspects of sustainable delta management. Guiding principles and concrete recommendations for practical approaches of sustainable delta management are provided.
Acacia Water, Deltares, Delta Alliance Benin Wing, Thursday 1 October 2020
Bangladesh Delta Bulletin, no. 4 This quarterly newsletter contains short messages, news and announcements, with the objective to share knowledge and experience related to adaptive delta management and the implementation of the Bangladesch Delta Plan. This bulletin: JCP Hackathon, Gobeshona 6, UDW-Planning Toolkit, ICSD4, senior management meeting JCP, inaugural lecture Prof. Saleemul Huq, SWAp modelling training, recent papers and the agenda.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Tuesday 4 August 2020
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