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Delta Alliance workshop held on sediment and salinity in the coastal areas of Bangladesh On 13 November 2019, a workshop on “Sediment and Salinity in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh” has been arranged under Delta Wings Activity Fund 2019, organized by Institute of Water Modelling on behalf of the Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 9 December 2019
Bangladesh Delta Bulletin, no. 3 This newsletter contains short messages, news and announcements, with the objective to share knowledge and experience related to adaptive delta management and the implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan. In this 3rd bulletin you will find messages about various recent events and trainings and news on recent papers.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Thursday 5 December 2019
Delta Alliance workshop held about land subsidence in delta cities of northern Java On 27 November 2019, the Delta Alliance Indonesia Wing organized a workshop, entitled: 'Land subsidence in delta cities of northern Java', and aimed to strengthen research on land subsidence in northern Java and the disseminations on present policies at national and local levels.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 2 December 2019
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