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Bangladesh Delta Bulletin, no. 4 This quarterly newsletter contains short messages, news and announcements, with the objective to share knowledge and experience related to adaptive delta management and the implementation of the Bangladesch Delta Plan. This bulletin: JCP Hackathon, Gobeshona 6, UDW-Planning Toolkit, ICSD4, senior management meeting JCP, inaugural lecture Prof. Saleemul Huq, SWAp modelling training, recent papers and the agenda.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Tuesday 4 August 2020
Booming Bangladesh Cooperation between Bangladesh and the Netherlands has intensified in recent decades. While Bangladesh experiences rapid and strong economic growth, new challenges and opportunities emerge in the water sector. Delta expert and publicist Joep Janssen travelled to the capital Dhaka (before the corona crisis), to gain a better understanding of the local water sector and show the changes that have been jointly initiated.
Dutch Water Sector, Monday 8 June 2020
From Capacity Development to Implementation Science Several people from Delta Alliance jointed the IHE Delft symposium 'From Capacity Development to Implementation Science' on May 26-29, 2020. It was the 6th edition of this international symposium on knowledge and capacity development for the water sector. Videos of the plenaries and selected webinars are available in a YouTube playlist
Delta Alliance Secretary, Friday 29 May 2020
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