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Latest supercomputers enable high-resolution climate models, truer simulation of extreme weather Not long ago, it would have taken several years to run a high-resolution simulation on a global climate model. But using some of the most powerful supercomputers now available, scientists were able to complete a run in just three months. What they found was that not only were the simulations much closer to actual observations, but the high-resolution models were far better at reproducing intense storms, such as hurricanes and cyclones. / DOE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Wednesday 12 November 2014
IPCC Fifth Assessment Report: Climate change threatens irreversible and dangerous impacts, but options exist to limit its effects Human influence on the climate system is clear and growing, with impacts observed on all continents. If left unchecked, climate change will increase the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems. However, options are available to adapt to climate change and implementing stringent mitigations activities can ensure that the impacts of climate change remain within a manageable range, creating a brighter and more sustainable future.
IPCC, Sunday 2 November 2014
Climate Proof Cities: Practical guidelines for climate proof cities Cities are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The most efficient way to make cities more climate proof is through numerous relatively small and local measures, which can often be carried out parallel to major maintenance or renovation work. These were the findings of a final report published recently by the Climate Proof Cities research programme.
Wageningen UR / Knowledge for Climate, Friday 31 October 2014
IPCC Launches Full Working Group II Report Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is launching the full version of its contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability on Wednesday 16 October.
United Nations Environment Programme, Wednesday 15 October 2014
Invitation to provide input for the ‘Urbanising Deltas of the World’ (UDW) research programme UDW invites interested parties to provide input for the second UDW Call for Proposals (€4,5 M), which is to be launched in December 2014.
NWO, Tuesday 14 October 2014
Extreme weather events raise awareness of adaptation needs Adapting to climate change has reached the political agenda in most European countries, according to the most comprehensive analysis of adaptation in Europe published to date. Extreme weather events and EU policies were the most common reasons for beginning to address adaptation.
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Tuesday 14 October 2014
Knowledge for Climate 'harvest': Innovation in Climate Adaptation Scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs worked together in the Knowledge for Climate programme to research ways in which the Netherlands can be climate proofed. A book is published for each of the eight research themes within the programme. This book discusses the overall design of the programme, highlights some remarkable results and discusses lessons learned.
Knowledge for Climate, Wednesday 1 October 2014
Deltas in Times of Climate Change II succesfully held with around 1200 attendees Deltas in Times of Climate Change II in Rotterdam (NL) was all about sharing knowledge, experiences and building a worldwide network of researchers, governments and businesses. More than 1.200 participants from over 50 countries gathered for three days to participate in Round Table discussions, sessions on the science behind climate change and practical workshops.
Deltas in Times of Climate Change II Secretary, Saturday 27 September 2014
Kenia and Taiwan join Delta Alliance In 2009 the Delta Alliance was set up: an international knowledge-driven network for enhancing safety and sustainability in the delta regions of the world. Now that Kenya and Taiwan have joined the network, fourteen deltas over the whole world are members. Together they are acquiring the know-how needed to further develop their deltas and thus deal with the threats that are specific to delta regions.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Thursday 25 September 2014
ICSU-endorsed initiative Sustainable Deltas 2015 launched A unique initiative endorsed by the International Council for Science - Sustainable Deltas 2015 - (SD2015) launched today at the ‘Deltas in Times of Climate Change II International Conference’ in Rotterdam. The aim of the initiative is to focus attention and research on the value and vulnerability of deltas worldwide, and promote and enhance international and regional cooperation among scientists, policymakers and other stakeholders.
Deltas in Times of Climate Change II / ICSU, Thursday 25 September 2014
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