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Preliminary programme online! Deltas in Times of Climate Change II, 24-26 September 2014 It is an exciting programme with three days of plenaries and more than 100 parallel sessions. Sessions that are interesting for scientists, practitioners and politicians working on climate change adaptation. During the conference there will be plenty of time to meet with interesting people from around the world and extend your network.
Deltas in Times of Climate Change II, Rotterdam, Wednesday 18 June 2014
Record decline of ice sheets: Scientists map elevation changes of Greenlandic and Antarctic glaciers Researchers have for the first time extensively mapped Greenland's and Antarctica's ice sheets with the help of the ESA satellite CryoSat-2 and have thus been able to prove that the ice crusts of both regions momentarily decline at an unprecedented rate. In total the ice sheets are losing around 500 cubic kilometers of ice per year. / Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Wednesday 20 August 2014
Why global warming is taking a break The average temperature on Earth has barely risen over the past 16 years. Researchers in Switzerland have now found out why. And they believe that global warming is likely to continue again soon.
ETH Zurich, Tuesday 19 August 2014
Most complete Antarctic map for climate research made public A new satellite image of Antarctica has been made available to the public, and the imagery will help scientists all over the world gain new insight into the effects of climate change. This is the first such map of the area since RADARSAT-1 created one in 1997.
University of Waterloo, Monday 18 August 2014
Sun's activity influences natural climate change, ice age study shows A new study has, for the first time, reconstructed solar activity during the last ice age. The study shows that the regional climate is influenced by the sun and offers opportunities to better predict future climate conditions in certain regions. / Lund University, Monday 18 August 2014
UN-backed disaster resilience campaign tops 2,000 participating cities With the addition of Aguas da Prata, Brazil, two thousand cities worldwide are now enrolled in a United Nations global campaign engaging as many local governments as possible to take on the challenge of integrating disaster risk management into their development processes.
UN News Centre, Thursday 14 August 2014
Human contribution to glacier mass loss increasing By combining climate and glacier models, scientists have found unambiguous evidence for anthropogenic glacier mass loss in recent decades. The researchers report that about one quarter of the global glacier mass loss during the period of 1851 to 2010 is attributable to anthropogenic causes. The fraction of human contribution increased steadily and accelerated to almost two thirds between 1991 and 2010. / University of Innsbruck, Thursday 14 August 2014
Antarctica's ice discharge could raise sea level faster than previously thought Ice discharge from Antarctica could contribute up to 37 centimeters to the global sea level rise within this century, a new study shows. For the first time, an international team of scientists provide a comprehensive estimate on the full range of Antarctica's potential contribution to global sea level rise based on physical computer simulations. The study combines a whole set of state-of-the-art climate models and observational data with various ice models. / Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Wednesday 13 August 2014
Action4Climate on Times Square 7 Days in Times Square celebrating youth climate action with the #Action4Climate trailer projected on two massive screens. Connect4Climate partnered with MTV Voices to make this happen. The Knowledge for Climate movie 'For a better city climate' is part of this trailer.
Connection4Climate, Thursday 31 July 2014
Announcement Round 2 Winners International Climate Adaptation Challenge Knowledge for Climate and Climate KIC are proud to present the Round 2 Winners of the International Climate Adaptation Business Challenge.
Monday 28 July 2014
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