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  • 13 rivers run through Jakarta, a city of 8.5 million inhabitants
  • Jakarta is the most vulnerable region in South East Asia to the impacts of climate change
  • The land beneath Jakarta is subsiding at a rate of 1 – 10 cm per year

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Yus Budiyono, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia


News and activities

Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools final workshop (21 August 2014)
On 21 August 2014, the JCAT consortium held its final workshop in Jakarta. The main theme of the workshop was Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools: The Pathway to City Resiliency. The workshop was jointly organised by JCAT, the Jakarta Research Council (Dewan Riset Daerah DKI Jakarta; DRD) and the Indonesia International Institute for Urban Resilience and Infrastructure (i3URI). Several other partners and key institutions also supported the workshop, including the Delta Alliance Indonesia Wing.
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Wednesday 1 October 2014



Final report: Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools (JCAT)
This final report (Delta Alliance report number 8) provides an overview of the different activitiesDel, methods, and tools carried out in the JCAT project. This project has contributed to knowledge and capacity building in three main ways: through education, workshops and joint research with stakeholders, and scientific research (Research Programme Knowledge for Climate HSINT02a project).
Delta Alliance International Secretariat
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Wednesday 26 November 2014

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