Publication: Adaptive delta management: a comparison between The Netherlands and Bangladesh Delta Program Publication: Adaptive delta management: a comparison between The Netherlands and Bangladesh Delta Program
Thursday 8 March 2018
Report: The coastal system of the Volta delta, Ghana: Strategies and opportunities for development This report is written for the Delft Deltas Infrastructure and Mobility Initiative (DIMI) Volta delta special case. In extension on the workshop in the Volta delta, early October 2017, a literature review is produced to bundle the existing knowledge of the coastal system of the Volta delta and to process this knowledge in practical handles for design.
TU Delft / DIMI, Tuesday 30 January 2018
Reporting progress of wings 2016/2017 Key message and outlook are presented in the report, with the objective to inform and learn from each other, and to provide a basis for discussion with the wings and the Delta Alliance Advisory Board about future activities.
Delta Alliance Secretariat, Tuesday 19 December 2017

Delta Alliance Wing information

Meeting report Vietnam Red River Wing: Red River Delta issues and initiatives (1 August 2017) The Red River Delta Wing organised on 1 August a meeting to comprehensively review issues causing the decrease of water level in the Red River and assess the possibility of combining remote sensing and citizen science in solving the problem.
Delta Alliance Vietnam Red River Wing, Thursday 17 August 2017
Meeting report: Ghana Wing 2nd Stakeholders meeting (9 June 2017) The second meeting of the Delta Alliance-Ghana Wing took place on the 9 June 2017 in Accra, Ghana and was organised by the Development Institute with a financial support from Delta Alliance Secretariat, Netherlands. This was a follow-up to the first critical stakeholders’ meeting which took place in February, 2017. This second meeting aimed to define the strategic management framework of the Ghana Wing.
Delta Alliance Ghana Wing, Wednesday 2 August 2017
Meeting report: Sustainable management of deltas in Kenya-policy and decision dialogue Round Table consultative meeting (26 May 2017) The objective of the workshop was to engage with stakeholders (policy and decision makers) from Lake Victoria Region (16 counties) and to share experiences from other deltas under Delta Alliance Initiative and to start the Nyando Delta Plan development consultations.
Delta Alliance Kenya Wing, Tuesday 25 July 2017
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