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On this webpage you find publications by the wings, the international secretariat and partners of the Delta Alliance. Some Delta Alliance key publications are highlighted.                       


Publication: Recent sediment flux to the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta system Reference: Science of The Total Environment, Volume 643, 1 December 2018, Pages 1054-1064.
Elsevier, Tuesday 10 July 2018
Publication: Ecosystem Services for Well-Being in Deltas This book answers key questions about environment, people and their shared future in deltas. It develops a systematic and holistic approach for policy-orientated analysis for the future of these regions. It does so by focusing on ecosystem services in the world’s largest, most populous and most iconic delta region, that of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta in Bangladesh.
Springer, Monday 9 July 2018
Publication: Anatomy of Mississippi Delta growth and its implications for coastal restoration The best solution to sustaining portions of the Mississippi Delta may be river diversions that bring sediment to shrinking coastlines. However, a new study concludes that the rate of land-building will likely be dwarfed by the rate of wetland loss.
Science Advances, Friday 11 May 2018

Delta Alliance key publications

Delta Alliance report no. 10: Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment of the Ayeyarwady Delta in Myanmar Reference: DA No. 10 - Driel, W.F. van & T.A. Nauta (2015). Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment of the Ayeyarwady Delta in Myanmar. Full assessment phase. Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) Project, Global Water Partnership (GWP) and Delta Alliance, Delft-Wageningen, The Netherlands. Delta Alliance report number 10.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Thursday 26 February 2015
Delta Alliance report no. 9: Vulnerability assessment of deltas in transboundary river basins Reference: DA No. 9 - Driel, W.F. van, T. Bucx, A. Makaske, C. van de Guchte, T. van der Sluis, H. Biemans, G.J. Ellen, M. van Gent, G. Prinsen, B. Adriaanse (2015). Vulnerability assessment of deltas in transboundary river basins. Delta Alliance contribution to the Transboundary Water Assessment Program, River Basins Assessment. Delta Alliance Report 9. Delta Alliance International, Wageningen – Delft, The Netherlands.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Monday 23 February 2015
Delta Alliance publications: Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools All Delta Alliance - research programme Knowledge for Climate publications in period: 2010-2015 (Knowledge for Climate project (JCAT - HSINT02A).
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Thursday 1 January 2015
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