Reactive versus anticipative adaptive management of Deltas; The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the Rhine-Meuse Delta compared In this paper Californian Adaptive Management (AM) and Dutch Adaptive Delta Management (ADM) are compared. The concepts are introduced in a policy context to deal with prevailing types of uncertainty in water management in the Californian Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the Dutch Rhine-Meuse Delta respectively.
T.J. Vlieg and M. Zandvoort in Water Governance, Friday 17 January 2014
Membership Agreement for Wing membership of Delta Alliance Document for Membership agreement between the Foundation Delta Alliance International and the Coordinating Agency for the establishment of the Delta Alliance Wing.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 16 December 2013
Balance Island, Numerieke modellering van effecten van Balance Island op zoutindringing In deze studie wordt op conceptniveau gekeken of een verlaging van het zoutgehalte kan worden gehaald door middel van eilandbouw en welke factoren hierop van invloed zijn. Door middel van verschillende simulaties met Delft3D is een eerste inzicht verkregen in de effecten van Balance Island op de zoutindringing in estuaria. De casus in het Haringvliet is hierbij uitgangspunt.
Grontmij Nederland B.V., Tuesday 3 December 2013

Delta Alliance Wing information

Floods in Bangladesh; Delta's are highlighted in interview by Nature With the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta sinking, the race is on to protect millions of people from future flooding. This article mentions also the Bangladesh Delta Plan, and is quoting a number of scientists related to the Delta Alliance.
Nature, Wednesday 9 April 2014
Century-Scale Dynamics of the Bengal Delta and Future Development Conference paper. 4th International Conference on Water and Flood Management, Institute of Water and Flood Management, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2013.
Maminul Haque Sarker, Jakia Akter and Md. Munsur Rahman, Monday 9 December 2013
With Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing as a partnership to share knowledge, we can do more Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing organized on 30th of November 2013 a well-attended workshop on ‘Knowledge Sharing for Delta Management in a Changing Climate'. About 70 people attended the workshop, while another 170 people followed the live streamed meeting through internet.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 2 December 2013
Workshop on Knowledge Sharing for Delta Management in a Changing Climate Institute of Water Modelling and Partners of Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing are organising the workshop on 30 November, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Download the programme.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Monday 25 November 2013
Report Delta Planning Training Workshop - Myanmar 21-25 October 2013 The aim of the training workshop was to bring together professionals from river deltas like the Mekong Delta, Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, Ayeyarwady Delta, Nile Delta and Ciliwung Delta who play / or will play key roles in delta planning and make them aware of different types of planning approaches, identify feasible approaches and methods given the local contexts and share experiences including those from the Netherlands.
UNESCO-IHE, Wageningen UR, Delta Alliance and others, Friday 22 November 2013
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