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The Volta Delta is a very dynamic environment, forming the interface between the Volta river and the Atlantic ocean. The delta is a home for many communities, settled both at the shorelines and more inland. Furthermore the delta provides great natural values and a habitat for many species.The coastline of the Volta Delta suffers from erosion, threatening these communities and natural habitats. Furthermore the delta largely consists of low-lying lands which are prone to flooding.

The large scale geology and morphology of the delta are explored and the natural forcing of the coastal system is determined in terms of waves, currents and human impact.
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Ken Kinney, The Development Institute, Accra, Ghana -  kinney(at)


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The Volta Delta, Ghana: Challenges in an African Setting (12 September 2019)


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This chapter of the excellent DECCMA flagship publication describes the biophysical and socio-ecological evolution of the delta using data and information from sources including surveys, censuses and stakeholder engagements. It focuses on the interactions between biophysical processes and human activities. It further describes adaptation practices, migration and resettlement in response to these changes. Finally, the chapter explains governance and response to environmental challenges. A Wing team member is one of the authors.

Seminar Integrated design of Ghana’s Volta Delta and coast (15 May 2018)
During the seminar several research projects in Ghana will be presented and the Ghanaian and Dutch student teams will pitch their research results to a group of government stakeholders connected to the Volta Delta that will be in the Netherlands at the invitation of the Dutch embassy that week.
>Ghana Wing coordinator Ken Kinney and Delta Alliance director Kim van Nieuwaal at the Ghana Volta Delta workshop at Delft University on 15 May
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Wednesday 16 May 2018        


The report of the Volta Delta, Ghana: Status and trends
Population growth and migration, economic development and industry, climate change and sea level rise all contribute to ongoing changes within the Ghana Delta. Challenges related to flooding and erosion, salt water intrusion, irrigation, drainage, and sanitation, are extensively discussed in this report, after which an overview of adaptive measures and technical methods and tools to support sustainable delta management for the Volta Delta is provided.   
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Friday 2 Ocotber 2020

The coastal system of the Volta Delta, Ghana: Strategies and opportunities for development
This report is written for the Delft Deltas Infrastructure and Mobility Initiative (DIMI) Volta delta special case. In extension on the workshop in the Volta delta, early October 2017, a literature review is produced to bundle the existing knowledge of the coastal system of the Volta delta and to process this knowledge in practical handles for design.  
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Tuesday 30 January 2018

Dutch-Ghanian student team worked on complex challenges of the Ghana Volta Delta
A group of students and teachers from Delft University of Technology, faculties of Architecture and the Built Environment, Civil Engineering and Geosciences and Technology, Policy and Management worked with Ghanaian students of KNUST, Central University and University of Ghana to develop integrated solutions for the complex challenges of the Volta Delta in Ghana.
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Monday 20 November 2017

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