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Coordinator: Verónica Zagare - vzagare(at)

The Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing aims to The Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing aims to generate a robust platform for interaction among institutions within the Parana Delta to develop knowledge and actions towards an increase of the resilience capacity of the area, and an improvement of the governance at all levels. The Wing is formed by institutions with different specificities and origins in a search for an interdisciplinary team able to cover a broad scope of the issues concerned in the delta.

Climate change, sustainable production, research on environmental and urban issues, wetland conservation and restoration, public policy and public participation are some of the fields covered by the institutions members of the Wing.

It is also an objective to develop a strong communication link with other Delta Alliance Wings and with international institutions in order to contribute to the aims of Delta Alliance International. Read more about the institutions that form the consortium of Delta Alliance Wing Argentina. According to the Agreement for Wing Membership of Delta Alliance International, the Coordinating Agency (Fundación Torcuato Di Tella) designates MSc. Verónica Zagare in the role of Wing Coordinator.

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As described in the Agreement for Wing Membership, the task comprises the 'organisation of the Wing, the coordination of the activities within the wing and the communication and cooperation with the international secretariat'. The responsibilities also include: development of strong working relationships within network members; knowledge development through research and practice generated within the members of the Wing; coordination and writing of technical reports and other documents; schedule of meetings; generation of meeting agendas and meeting minutes, among others.  


  • Workshop Lujan Basin (8 November 2016)
    The Workshop "Lujan Basin" was held on November 8th in Lujan city. It was co-organized by Fundación Biósfera, Fundación Humedales - Wetlands International and Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing.
  • Workshop 'Urban-Environmental Scenarios for Lower Parana Delta'
    Workshop held on 24 April 2015 to create an environment for stakeholder participation through scenario development and joint fact finding, in order to improve the level of integration of the spatial planning context. The activities were focused on the Lower Parana Delta.

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