Throughout the world workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings are being held in order to cope with the challenges in delta regions. The Delta Alliance aims to connect and contribute to a number of these events. The events as outlined on this page are either (co-)organised by the Delta Alliance, organised by Delta Alliance partners or are relevant for persons working on delta issues worldwide.

Upcoming Delta Alliance events and delta events with DA participation

Delta Alliance Webinar about delta del Ebre (in Catalan) The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of our Delta Alliance in the Ebro delta, to promote collaboration between partners and to expand its composition. Experts will present different aspects related to the deficit of sediments, sea level rise, coastal erosion and land subsidence, showing possible approaches and solutions for the Ebro delta after the Glòria storm and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Delta Alliance Secretariat

Past Events

Webinar: Ten Principles for Good Co-Production in African Weather and Climate Services (5 September 2019) In this webinar, co-production principles discerned from 18 case studies across Africa, as part of the on-going development of a climate services co-production manual, will be shared. The webinar will use examples from specific case studies to demonstrate how each principle can be put into use, as well as practical tips.
Saline Futures Conference (10-13 September 2019, the Netherlands) The conference will take place on 10-13 September 2019 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands). Addressing Climate Change and Food Security, Building a community of science and practice on saline agriculture.
International conference on Coastal Management (24-26 September 2019, France) This ninth coastal management conference will look at how new approaches to coastal engineering can integrate with local planning and ‘place-shaping’ to encourage visionary adaptation to coastal change.
Institution of Civil Engineers
Cairo Water Week (20-24 October 2019, Egypt) Cairo Water Week 2019 will address the main theme “Responding to Water Scarcity” through five sub-themes overarching a broad spectrum of the water scarcity.
Delta Design in Times of Climate Crisis - International Conference (5-6 March 2020) The conference will focus on urbanization in delta's from the perspectives of architecture, ecology, engineering and policy. Delta design is discussed here not only as an approach to deal with highly dynamic landscapes but rather as a fundamental shift in the way urbanization is addressed by design — as a driver of environmental change.
Delta Urbanism
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