Throughout the world workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings are being held in order to cope with the challenges in delta regions. The Delta Alliance aims to connect and contribute to a number of these events. The events as outlined on this page are either (co-)organised by the Delta Alliance, organised by Delta Alliance partners or are relevant for persons working on delta issues worldwide.

Upcoming Delta Alliance events and delta events with DA participation

Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (20-24 April 2020, the Netherlands) Call for abstracts open: New innovative technologies and approaches are needed to reduce or, in the best case, to stop land subsidence. TISOLS2020 intends to bring together 300+ international experts to share the latest research and insights on natural and anthropogenic land-level lowering.
3rd International Conference on Sustainable Development (19-20 February 2019, Bangladesh) “Towards Creating A Green Future” is the theme of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Development, 2019 (3rd UIU-ICSD 2019) organized by the Institute of Development Studies and Sustainability (IDSS), United International University (UIU), Bangladesh.
PhD defence Philip Minderhoud: The sinking Mekong delta (15 February 2019) Philip Minderhoud concludes in his dissertation 'The sinking mega-delta - Present and future subsidence of the Vietnamese Mekong delta' that it is inevitable that large parts of the Mekong Delta will subside below sea level.
Utrecht University
Africa Works! 2019 (8-9 April 2019, Netherlands) The flagship event of the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), Africa Works! is a biennial conference organized to position, promote and market the African continent as a valuable trade and investment destination.
Fifth Arab Water Week 2019 (3-7 March 2019, Jordan) Access to safe water and sanitation is essential to human health, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. This vital resource is under threat, making it crucial to address the challenges related to water, sanitation and hygiene for populations and water-related ecosystems. Achieving universal access to drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and ensuring that services are safely managed remain major challenges, and meeting them is crucial to further progress in health, education and poverty eradication.
7th International Conference on Water and Flood Management, Bangladesh (2-4 March 2019) The International Conference on Water and Flood Management is being organized by the Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM) of BUET biennially since 2007. The conference aims at bringing together the advanced science and practice in water and flood management that play a key role in economic growth, social development and environmental protection.
Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) (4-8 November 2019)

Past Events

Thesis defence Truong Hong Son: Mekong Delta (19 November 2018) Truong Hong Son will defend his thesis: Hydrodynamics of vegetated compound channels; model representations estuarine mangrove squeeze in the Mekong Delta.
TU Delft
Thesis defence Verónica Zagare: urbanizing delta’s (17 October 2018) Verónica Zagare, coordinator of the Argentina Wing will defend her thesis:The Dichotomy of Urbanizing Deltas: Towards a Method of Planning and Design. The Case of Lower Parana Delta, Argentina.
Seminar Paraná Delta (11 October 2018) The Paraná Delta is a heterogeneous and relatively ‘wild’ territory in Argentina which covers around 22.000 km2. The delta is subjected to increasing pressures resulting from climate change as well as from urban development of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires and other cities along the edges of the delta.
Delta Alliance, Argentina Wing
International Conference Water Science for Impact (16-18 October 2018) This large international and multidiscipinary water conference is convened within the framework of the WUR 100 years centennial celebrations, and is organised by WUR, Deltares, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). The conference will focus on the interaction between science and society in developing solutions for pressing water related problems as identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
WUR, Deltares, RIVM, PBL
Course: Design of infrastructures under uncertainty (5-6 November 2018)
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