Throughout the world workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings are being held in order to cope with the challenges in delta regions. The Delta Alliance aims to connect and contribute to a number of these events. The events as outlined on this page are either (co-)organised by the Delta Alliance, organised by Delta Alliance partners or are relevant for persons working on delta issues worldwide.

Upcoming Delta Alliance events and delta events with DA participation

Currently no events planned Currently no events planned.

Past Events

Webinar Nature-Based Solutions (11 Nov. 2020) This webinar will be based on the discussion of the theoretical dimension of NBS, the benefits associated with these methods, and a general review of experiences around the world.
Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing
Lunch webinar: Lessons learned on interdisciplinary project-based education on urban infrastructure development (13 Nov. 2020) Civil engineering and spatial design are fields with very different cultures and languages, yet interdisciplinary cooperation between these disciplines, as well as among sub-disciplines within each, is necessary for realizing resilient urban infrastructure.
Delta Futures Lab
Webinar on sinking sinks: causes and implications of subsiding deltas This week's S2S webinars by Philip S.J. Minderhoud and Robert Aller.
Delta Alliance Secretariat
Webinar NBS: Design, planning and governance (18 Nov. 2020) The dimensions of design, planning and governance will be assessed and illustrated through the presentation of theories and cases.
Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing
Lunch webinar: Monitoring for timely adaptation to sea-level rise (20 Nov. 2020) David Steffelbauer presents a method to evaluate the data of tide gauges along the Dutch coast to detect the presence of breakpoints that represent the start of an acceleration of sea level rise. The method combines a variety of data analysis techniques.
Delta Futures Lab
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