Throughout the world workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings are being held in order to cope with the challenges in delta regions. Delta Alliance aims to connect and contribute to a number of these events. The events as outlined on this page are either co-organized by Delta Alliance, organized by Delta Alliance partners or are relevant for persons working on delta issues worldwide.

Upcoming Delta Alliance events and delta events with DA participation

Second Ministerial Conference and Working Group Meeting (28-29 July 2017) As the incumbent Chair of the Delta Coalition, Bangladesh will host the Second Ministerial Conference and Working Group Meeting with the overarching theme ‘Sustainable Delta for Life’.
Delta Coalition
Achtste Nationaal Deltacongres (2 november 2017) Het Nationaal Deltacongres 2017 vindt plaats op donderdag 2 november in het WTC EXPO Leeuwarden. Zet de datum alvast in uw agenda, want het wordt weer een gevarieerde en interessante dag! Iedereen die betrokken is bij en geïnteres­seerd is in het Deltaprogramma, is welkom op het congres: maatschappelijke organisaties, bedrijfsleven, kennisinstellingen en overheden.
Future Deltas course: Understanding drivers, predicting impacts, optimising solutions (28 August - 1 September 2017) The aim of this course is to provide you with a thorough integrated understanding of the physical, ecological, institutional, socio-economic and legal drivers of change in deltas, their impacts, and of solutions for sustainable management of deltas.
Future Deltas / Utrecht University

Past Events

Webinar: Adaptive Delta Management: Opportunities and Barriers (29 June 2017) The world’s river deltas and coastal cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable due to pressures from climate change, rising sea levels, and growing populations. Governments plan infrastructure and policies to achieve resilience to (future) pressures endangering a safe living environment in deltas. This webinar aims to identify under which conditions and with what modifications ADM can be successfully applied elsewhere. Based on experience and expert opinions, the applicability of ADM in other adaptive planning contexts such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and the U.S. will be reviewed.
Delta Alliance / Deltares
Webinar: Rural urban linkages combining safety and quality of living in delta cities, part 2 (16 June 2017) In the first webinar a framework of combined urban and delta development has been developed. Now it will be further developed by in depth analysis of two cases: Hatirjheel in Dhaka and Lentse Bocht in Nijmegen. Both used the urban natural system as a basis for urban development, combining different investments in reducing flood risks and ameliorating green and urban quality.
Delta Alliance / Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra)
2nd Critical Stakeholders’ meeting, Accra (9 June 2017) Programme Delta Alliance Ghana Wing meeting.
Delta Alliance Ghana Wing
DIMI Colloquium Integrated Design and Engineering in Deltas (28 June 2017) This colloquium will present theories and methods of integrated engineering and design and reflect upon several recent multidisciplinary research projects in which researchers from multiple domains worked together on challenges of deltas.
TU Delft / DMI
Resilience of Nile Delta and Adaptation Options under Climate Change (25 May 2017)
Delta Alliance Egypt Wing
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