International Secretariat

Kim van Nieuwaal, Director
Kim is director of Delta Alliance since November 2017. As a seasoned knowledge broker he has been advisor to ministries, provinces, municipalities, universities, knowledge institutes, ngo's and businesses, particularly in the fields of climate change adaptation and water management. He has an extensive network in academia, policy and practice. Besides his work for the Delta Alliance, Kim is strategic advisor at Climate Adaptation Services and chairman of the board of the Dutch Wadden Sea Society. Kim got his PhD from VU University Amsterdam.
Contact: Kim van Nieuwaal
Maike Bennema, Deltares
Dr Maike Bennema is a researcher with a focus on DRR, environmental displacement, and the use of data for more efficient and effective humanitarian aid. She holds a MSc degree in International Humanitarian Action from the University of Groningen and a MA degree in Theology with a focus on the role of religion in humanitarian aid from the Uppsala University. She started her career as a humanitarian aid worker, working for the Red Cross and later for The Salvation Army, but joined Deltares in 2018. In her work, she aims to contribute to the enhancement of engagement and collaboration across water-related actors, and to further develop collaboration between researchers and practitioners within the humanitarian field particularly.
Contact: Maike Bennema
Hans Middelkoop, Utrecht University
Hans is full professor in Global Change Geomorphology at the Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University. He is scientific director of the UU research programme ‘Water, Climate & Future Deltas’, that contributes to the development of management strategies and pathways to sustainable deltas worldwide under global change. His main research interests are the evolution and dynamics of rivers and deltas under changing climate and human interaction. His work on deltas focuses on understanding the natural and human subsystems, and how these determine present-day and future functioning of deltas worldwide. Key issues are flooding, land subsidence and access to fresh water in sinking deltas.
Contact: Hans Middelkoop
Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Wageningen Environmental Research
Catharien has a keen interest in linking water, climate and food security matters. Catharien has worked in various international organisations and projects related to land and water management, both in research, policy, and capacity development contexts. Since 2000, she is working for Wageningen Environmental Research, where she is a member of the Climate Change and Adaptive Land and Water Management Team. Catharien also is head of the Wageningen project office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Contact: Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga 


Jos Timmermans, Delft University of Technology
Jos is a dedicated water and delta professional looking for change and innovation. In his professional career he combined positions with consultants and governmental agencies and scientific research while maintaining a focus on water and delta management. He obtained his engineering degree in Tropical Land and Water Use from Wageningen University and received a PhD in policy sciences from TU Delft. He has worked extensively in Indonesia and Yemen and worked on short-term assignments in Gaza, Bangladesh and Myanmar. His research focusses on Adaptive Delta Management and design of delta infrastructures under uncertainty. At TU Delft Jos is responsible for delta research development.
Contact: Jos Timmermans

Chris Zevenbergen, UNESCO-IHE, Delft University of Technology
Chris is professor at the Water Engineering Department at UNESCO-IHE / TU Delft and chairs the Flood Resilience Group of UNESCO-IHE. He is also visiting professor at the South East University, Nanjing. He works as a researcher in environmental engineering and water management of urban systems. He has published/edited five books and over hundred scientific publications in the field of environmental engineering and urban flood management. Chris participates in various (inter)national advisory boards of governmental and scientific institutions.
Contact: Chris Zevenbergen
Renske Peters, Special Advisor
Renske was Director of the Delta Alliance till November 2017. She further developed and strengthened its organisation and network, connecting delta's in the world. She now acts as Special Advisor for the Delta Alliance as partner of the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation.  She is a member of the the UNFCCC Climate Adaptation Committee. Formerly she was Director of Water at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Director of the Topsector Water and International Water Policy. She is passionate about watermanagement, physical planning and climate change.
Contact: Renske Peters

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