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Bangladesh Delta Bulletin, no. 5 This quarterly newsletter contains short messages, news and announcements, with the objective to share knowledge and experience related to adaptive delta management and the implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan. This bulletin: Knowledge sharing on Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100; presentation app on BDP2100; academic curriculum ADM, UDW-MOTA; MOTA webinar series; JCP online training soil water atmosphere plant (SWAP) modelling; exploring NbS opportunities in GBM delta; annual meeting and SMT meeting JCP; global centre of adaptation in BD; recent papers and the agenda.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Friday 13 November 2020
Lunch webinar series Delta Futures Lab The Delta Futures lab is a multidisciplinary network for MSc-students, staff and practice with the ambition to become interdisciplinary leaders in spatial design, engineering and governance of deltas. The Lab unites master students, researchers and professionals in multidisciplinary projects. It enriches and supports master students in becoming the mission-oriented engineers that future delta societies need. The Friday lunch webinars (12:30 - 13:30, CEST) is a series of lectures and discussions on the state-of-the-art and state of the future developments of deltas.
Delta Futures Lab, Monday 9 November 2020
Source-to-Sink webinar series In 2019, our second report on “Sinking Cities II – example cases, A step-by-step approach to address land subsidence in urbanizing deltas” was published (see archive). In the summer of 2020, the Delta Alliance co-organized (in collaboration with the GCA, WWF and Deltares) a webinar on “Sinking, Shrinking, Saltier Deltas; how to deal with these issues?” at theWorld Water Week at Home. Do you want to learn more about ‘sinking cities’ and stay updated on the latest developments related to the topic, please tune in to the weekly Source-to-Sink Webinar Series.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Friday 30 October 2020
A Century of Riverbank Protection and River Training in Bangladesh A collaboration between Canadian Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and Bangladesh Water Development Board resulted in a scientific paper about riverbank protection and training in Bangladesh, published in the journal Water 2020. The authors share which challenges came up when they tried to stabilize the riverbanks. Now, they realise that no construction is permanent with the mighty rivers in the Bangladesh delta. A summary of lessons learned concludes the impressive progress made.
Knut Oberhagemann, A.M. Aminul Haque, Angela Thompson in Special Issue Studies on River Training, Tuesday 27 October 2020
Delta Alliance Ghana Wing Report of the Volta Delta Status and trends This report presents a study on factors contributing to challenges and opportunities experienced in the Volta Delta today. Each of these factors – from population growth and migration, to economic development and industry, and to climate change and sea level rise – contribute to ongoing changes within the Ghana Delta. Challenges related to flooding and erosion, salt water intrusion, irrigation, drainage, and sanitation, are extensively discussed in this report, after which an overview of adaptive measures and technical methods and tools to support sustainable delta management for the Volta Delta is provided.
Acacia Water, Deltares, The Development Institute, The University of Ghana, Delta Alliance Ghana Wing, Friday 2 October 2020
Delta Alliance Benin Wing Report of the Oueme Delta Status and Trends This report presents an assessment done by the Delta Alliance Benin Wing, and depicts a diversity of drivers of change including socio-economic, climatic and institutional factors contributing to current pressures and opportunities. The report indicates how for example hydrological disturbances, flooding and salinization cause contemporary challenges, but also presents opportunities for improved institutional/organizational aspects of sustainable delta management. Guiding principles and concrete recommendations for practical approaches of sustainable delta management are provided.
Acacia Water, Deltares, Delta Alliance Benin Wing, Thursday 1 October 2020
Bangladesh Delta Bulletin, no. 4 This quarterly newsletter contains short messages, news and announcements, with the objective to share knowledge and experience related to adaptive delta management and the implementation of the Bangladesch Delta Plan. This bulletin: JCP Hackathon, Gobeshona 6, UDW-Planning Toolkit, ICSD4, senior management meeting JCP, inaugural lecture Prof. Saleemul Huq, SWAp modelling training, recent papers and the agenda.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Tuesday 4 August 2020
Towards sustainable river management of the Dutch Rhine river Havinga River Dynamics published a paper in Water 2020 about sustainable river management of the Dutch Rhine river. According to the author recurrent sediment management measures needs to be combined with extensive structural measures to combat adverse effects without losing societal functions of the Rhine.
Hendrik Havinga in Special Issue Studies on River Training, Friday 26 June 2020
Booming Bangladesh Cooperation between Bangladesh and the Netherlands has intensified in recent decades. While Bangladesh experiences rapid and strong economic growth, new challenges and opportunities emerge in the water sector. Delta expert and publicist Joep Janssen travelled to the capital Dhaka (before the corona crisis), to gain a better understanding of the local water sector and show the changes that have been jointly initiated.
Dutch Water Sector, Monday 8 June 2020
From Capacity Development to Implementation Science Several people from Delta Alliance jointed the IHE Delft symposium 'From Capacity Development to Implementation Science' on May 26-29, 2020. It was the 6th edition of this international symposium on knowledge and capacity development for the water sector. Videos of the plenaries and selected webinars are available in a YouTube playlist
Delta Alliance Secretary, Friday 29 May 2020
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