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Vacancy Utrecht University: Postdoc position on Water and Climate Governance in Deltas Utrecht University has opened a Postdoctoral Researcher position in the field of Water and Climate Governance in Deltas with a focus on pathways towards sustainable and future-proof Deltas worldwide. Deadline application: 10 May 2019.
Utrecht University, Monday 15 April 2019
Publication: Exploration of the importance of physical properties of Indonesian peatlands to assess critical groundwater table depths, associated drought and fire hazard Reference: Exploration of the importance of physical properties of Indonesian peatlands to assess critical groundwater table depths, associated drought and fire hazard (2019). M. Taufik, A.A. Veldhuizen, J.H.M. Wösten,H.A.J. van Lanen, Geoderma, Volume 347, 1 August 2019, Pages 160-169
WUR, Saturday 13 April 2019
UDW-call on Connecting Worlds of Knowledge (deadline 1 May 2019) At the annual meeting of the Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) research and innovation programme, a call on Connecting Worlds of Knowledge was launched.
NWO, Wednesday 3 April 2019
Publication: Rethinking sediments, tidal rivers and delta livelihoods: tidal river management as a strategic innovation in Bangladesh
Freiburg University and IHE Delft, Thursday 7 March 2019
3rd International Conference on SDG held at UIU (Bangladesh) `Skilled man power and resource mobilization are the big challenges for sustainable development. To overcome these challenges both public and private partnership are essential for Bangladesh’ Dr. Shamsul Alam, Member of General Economic Division of Planning Commission said in his speech as the chief guest in 3rd International Conference on Sustainable development held at United International University on Tuesday, 19 February, 2019. This two-day conference was organized by the Institute of Development Studies and Sustainability of UIU. He also said, ‘The goals of sustainable development were included in the 7th five year plan of the government’.
United International University, Bangladesh, Tuesday 26 February 2019
Learning with Wings: collective learning and mechanism for learning Against a background of adaptive delta management in the complex delta of Bangladesh, this study focuses on capturing how people and organisations in the Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing (DABW) learn. The study addresses the process in which learning is taking place in the Bangladesh Wing, and what important elements therein are. For this purpose, a survey has been disseminated, and the responses collected cover a variety of organisations related to delta management and the DABW, and a range of key professionals in this field.
Delta Alliance International Secretariat, Tuesday 19 February 2019
Leapfrogging Delta Management in Myanmar In countries like Myanmar a decent system for data collection and monitoring is often missing. But having access to sufficient and accurate data is essential for making fact-based decisions, predictions and policy-making. However, this scarcity can be turned into an advantage: by skipping less efficient and more expensive older technologies, the road is free for more advanced and cost-effective solutions!
TU Delft, Monday 18 February 2019
Delft Global | Staff Exchange Fund Fund to promote and strengthen cooperation between researchers of the TU Delft and researchers of universities in developing countries. It provides the opportunity to apply for a grant for staff exchange (a visit of a foreign researcher to TU Delft or a visit of a Delft researcher to a university in a developing country).
TU Delft, Monday 18 February 2019
Climate Change, Migration and Adaptation in Deltas, key findings from the DECCMA project Deltas are home to 500 million people worldwide and known as a climate change “hotspot” – a place where high exposure to climate stresses coincides with high levels of vulnerability. DECCMA has been undertaking research on climate and environmental change, migration and adaptation in three delta systems: the transboundary Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna megadelta (comprising the Indian Bengal delta, as well as the bulk in Bangladesh), the Mahanadi delta in India, and the Volta in Ghana.
DECCMA, Monday 18 February 2019
MSc Thesis Rizky Moes: Modelling Peak Flow at 10-minutes Resolution in the Upper Ciliwung Catchment, Indonesia The Indonesian capital city of Jakarta is a typical delta city suffering from regular riverine flooding (Figure 1), usually in the peak of the wet season (November to January). One of the causes is the still ongoing structural increase of the peak discharge intensity of the rivers crossing the city due to land use change in the upstream parts of the catchments, steep mountainous areas (±3000m +MSL) in the south of Java island.
WUR, Saturday 16 February 2019
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