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Media coverage: Launch of the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation The Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation was launched with speakers including Mr. Erik Solheim, Mrs. Noaka Ishii, Mr. Ovais Sarmad and Mrs. Cora van Nieuwenhuizen. The Delta Alliance is partner and member of the Preparatory Group.
IISD, Wednesday 15 November 2017
Herstel veerkracht van de delta eist visie van Rutte Verstedelijking en veiligheid in de delta vergen een nieuw grootschalig ruimtelijk beleid. Noodkreet én voorzet van Han Meyer en veertig andere experts.
NRC, Thursday 2 November 2017
New director and chair Delta Alliance As per 1 Noveber 2017: Prof. dr. Pavel Kabat, director general of IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analyses), Austria is Chair International Governing Board and Dr. Kim van Nieuwaal, Director Delta Alliance.
Delta Alliance Secretariat, Tuesday 31 October 2017
TU Delft DeltaLinks October 2017 | Water in the USA © DeltaLinks | October 2017 newsletter with a.o. articles on Water in the USA (Houston, Texas), Urban hydrology, Flood defences USA/the Netherlands, WaterViewer.
TU Delft, Deltalinks, Wednesday 25 October 2017
GCF approves USD 31.4 million for a UNDP Project to Enhance Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast and Nile Delta Regions in Egypt GCF has approved the UNDP Project “Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast of Egypt” to be implemented by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation with a total budget of USD 31.4 million over seven years. The project aims to protect the densely populated low-lying lands in the Nile Delta, the home of 25% of the Egyptian population, which have been identified as highly vulnerable to climate change induced Sea-Level Rise (SLR). The SLR will have a direct and critical impact on Egypt’s infrastructure and development along the low coastal lands. Egypt relies on the Nile delta for prime agricultural land, accordingly coastal inundation or saline intrusion will have a direct and critical impact on Egypt’s entire economy.
Green Climate Fund (GCF), Sunday 1 October 2017
Groningen and Rotterdam will accommodate Global Climate Adaptation Centre The Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation will be accommodated in Rotterdam and Groningen. These two cities have reeled in the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) by jointly submitting the most convincing bid.
GCECA, Thursday 21 September 2017
Delta Alliance Newsletter, August 2017 With news items on: Wings activities, meetings, webinars, Master class, Flood Delta City Index, Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation, publications and agenda.
Delta Alliance Secretariat, Thursday 24 August 2017
Delta Coalition Ministerial Conference 28-29 July 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh The Delta Coalition, the ‘government to government’ collaboration to enhance resilience in deltas, held its second Ministerial Conference in Dhaka, hosted by Bangladesh in Dhaka.
Sunday 20 August 2017
Meeting report Vietnam Red River Wing: Red River Delta issues and initiatives (1 August 2017) The Red River Delta Wing organised on 1 August a meeting to comprehensively review issues causing the decrease of water level in the Red River and assess the possibility of combining remote sensing and citizen science in solving the problem.
Delta Alliance Vietnam Red River Wing, Thursday 17 August 2017
Meeting report: Ghana Wing 2nd Stakeholders meeting (9 June 2017) The second meeting of the Delta Alliance-Ghana Wing took place on the 9 June 2017 in Accra, Ghana and was organised by the Development Institute with a financial support from Delta Alliance Secretariat, Netherlands. This was a follow-up to the first critical stakeholders’ meeting which took place in February, 2017. This second meeting aimed to define the strategic management framework of the Ghana Wing.
Delta Alliance Ghana Wing, Wednesday 2 August 2017
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