NKWK research tracks

1. Sustainable management of large water bodies
The large water bodies in the Netherlands feature unique nature. Their preservation calls for ecologically resilient systems that can withstand climate change and rising sea levels.

2. Climate-proof city
Cities are susceptible to climate change, according to studies addressing  the consequences of heat, drought and pluvial flooding. How can cities apply this knowledge in practice?

3. Coastal Genesis 2.0
The Dutch coast is a single coherent sandy system. What would be best approach towards the sustainable maintenance of our coast? The answer to this question calls for long-term research.

4. Lumbricus
How can we prevent discharge peaks and streams running dry?

5. Marker Wadden
Using sand, silt and clay, new islands are built in the Marker Lake. This project offers opportunities for knowledge development and innovation.

6. National Water Model
The National Water Model computes water movements in the Netherlands and provides insight into the consequences of climate change.

7. North Sea
Ecologically healthy seas and oceans are essential. Smart collaboration contributes to sustainable policy and management and leads to smart choices.

8. Rivers
The Netherlands is a land of rivers. The rivers have been tamed, but the physical processes in the water have free rein. What effects do these processes have in the long term?

9. Smart water management
Smart Water Management is making better use of the Dutch water system in order to limit the problems caused by water shortages and pluvial flooding.

10. Future-proof hydraulic structures
Many hydraulic structures are in need of replacement or renovation. What is the most efficient and cost-effective way of going about this?

11. Water and energy
Generating energy from water and storing it in water; these are challenges that call for innovative solutions.

12. Water and food
How do we ensure a sufficient supply of clean, fresh water to be able to meet the increasing demand for food? Knowledge and innovation can lead to answers.

13. Water management and soil movement
Soil subsidence and water systems influence one another. However, to what degree? What are the consequences? What is the action perspective? More insight into soil movement leads to better social choices in the long term.

14. Flood defence system
Flood defences ensure flood risk management. What is the best way to design, improve, manage and maintain flood defences?

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