Gathering more knowledge on separate elements of the approach

The aim is to provide tailor-made solutions worldwide by amending top-down knowledge with bottom-up knowledge. The toolbox comprises of factsheets on existing tools and examples of their application. Some examples of tools are: a checklist; best practices; Adaptation Pathways; oyster reefs, building with nature, bubble screens, models for calculating salt intrusion, scenarios, decision support systems, governance tools, interactive tools, and so on. These tools are organized more or less in the different steps of a proves as indicated in the figure below.

Figure: Adaptive Delta Management and the planning cycle

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For some steps of the delta management process, tools may be lacking. Other tools may be premature. We also intended to outline the important knowledge gaps and areas for further development. The toolbox should continuously evolve: less successful tools are taken out, new ones are added, and the framework / backbone is also revised or refined if necessary. However, as there still are tools underway, we have not assessed its completeness yet.

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