Seminar at the Stockholm International Water Week 2012

Wednesday August 29th, 9.00 – 12.30 hrs

Managing the world’s deltas: Unique systems, unique challenges

Deltas, where the river meets the sea, are dynamic and productive systems where people have thrived and built civilizations for millennia. Throughout the world they host dense populations and are important centers of food production, livelihoods and industry. These confluences of the sweet and the salty are of great ecological significance featuring wetlands of high and unique biodiversity. The wise management of deltas is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our environment and for our economic wellbeing and poverty alleviation.

The world’s deltas are under unprecedented pressure due to human induced change and natural forces. Population growth, land use change, climate change and subsidence result in significant and irreversible damage that can not only result in loss and damage to infrastructure, ecosystems and livelihoods but also retard hard won development gains. 

These complex problems call for concerted action – an integrated framework for decision making incorporating spatial planning, disaster management and risk reduction strategies towards sustainable delta development. The resilience of deltas can only be enhanced through adaptive governance, sound economic instruments and innovative financing.

This seminar at the Stockholm World Water Week will highlight the positive experiences from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, towards the development of a definitive perspective document and to elevate the issue in the global development agenda.



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