Bandung Workshop

Delta Alliance has supported expertise exchange through the international workshop on 'Methods and tools for water-related adaptation to climate change and climate proofing', held from 8-9 March 2010 in Bandung, Indonesia. The workshop resulted in a booklet on the proceedings of the workshop.

The workshop was co-organized by the Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate (CPWC) and also supported by the United Nations Development Program (Jakarta), the World Bank (Jakarta), UNESCO-IHE, KNMI (Dutch Meteorological Office) and BMKG (Indonesian Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Institute). The workshop targeted some 110 experts and government advisors, government officials at central and provincial level and practitioners who deal with water and/or climate related issues in development. Delta Alliance arranged also the participation of representatives of Viet Nam and Bangladesh.

Key participants of the Bandung Workshop

The workshop indicated that there is a clear need for:

  • Advanced modelling capacity of the climate-hydrology system, including data analysis, extreme events, scenario and down scaling
  • Monitoring and assessment (including combinations of remote sensing and  field observations) of rainfall, impacts of climate change on the water sector, drought management, and morphology
  • Development of tools for management of water and land, including carbon stocks and fluxes, and interactions between nature and socio- economic development for livelihood support
  • Development of communication for science, policy and public, including training at various levels through master classes, workshops, seminars
  • Dedicated training on e.g. GIS, measurement techniques, using data and models in daily practice of farmers
  • Share experiences (with methods) in adaptation between countries on a regular basis through seminars and joint research. Here Delta Alliance can play a major role as a platform for knowledge development and sharing between deltas

A booklet on the proceedings of the International workshop can be found here.


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