Assessment studies for the Mekong Delta Plan

During the Joint workshop for the Viet Nam-Netherlands Mekong Delta Masterplan project (Can Tho, March 29/30) it was proposed to start with Water Resources Assessment studies in preparation of the activities of the Mekong Delta Masterplan. The Assessment studies project was tendered by the Partners for Water programme. The project was awarded to the consortium Deltares (lead), Alterra Wageningen UR en Infram. The consortium agreed to execute the project under the umbrella of Delta Alliance.

The respective assessment studies will be carried out by (consortia of) Vietnamese institutions. Modest content-related support and coordination will be provided by Delta Alliance partners, among others to ensure that consistent and comprehensive reports are prepared (mid-term and final). The major objective of the Assessment Studies is to obtain good insight into the availability of data and information, as well as in the actual problems and constraints in the Vietnamese part of the Mekong Delta. Basic data and information with regard to the overall development policies of the Mekong Delta can be derived from the Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP) 2011-2015. This will cover the middle- and long-term development goals, the market structure, urban development planning, land use etc., specified for all relevant economic sub-sectors. As the SEDP’s in general do not give much detail within the sub-sectors, for related issues in the water resources sub-sector more investigations (desk studies) are needed.

The scope of the Assessment Studies is on eight specific subjects (themes), identified during previous workshops and meetings. These subjects/themes are:   

Assessment study subject

Topics, proposed content

Climate change 

Climate scenario’s, sea level rise, other effects

Water resources assessment

Surface water, groundwater, water quantity and quality, data available, modeling research, water balance, MRC, inter boundary issues, salinization

Water for food

Agriculture, land use, trends, potential production capacity, crop varieties, upstream developments

Water supply

Drinking water and waste water treatment, industry water use, hydropower demands, also upstream developments, demand management

Water infrastructure

Dams, dikes and barriers, flood protection measures, existing master plans

Water and environment

Living environment, eco-systems, mangrove, nature preservation

Water governance

Institutional setting, Human resources development, legislation, capacity strengthening, financing, stakeholder analysis

Spatial planning

Demographic growth, industrial developments, food security, preservation of ecological system, not yet considered with climate change. Consider Mekong Delta and HCMC region














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