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Delta Alliance is an international knowledge-driven network organization with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. With increasing pressure from population growth, industrialization and a changing climate, it is more important than ever that these valuable and vulnerable locations increase their resilience to changing conditions. Delta Alliance brings people together who live and work in deltas. They can benefit from each other’s experience and expertise and as such contribute to an increased resilience of their delta region.

Delta Alliance has ten network wings where activities are focused: California Bay (USA), Ciliwung and Mahakam (Indonesia), Mekong (Vietnam), Rhine-Meuse (the Netherlands), Nile (Egypt), Pantanal (Brazil), Ganges-Brahmaputra (Bangladesh), Mississippi (USA), Yangtze (China) and Parana (Argentina). Additional network wings will soon be included in Delta Alliance to further benefit from the wealth of information available in these deltas.

Delta Alliance video presentation, during the Climate Delta Conference 2010


Ghana Delta Alliance wing successfully organised stakeholder meetings on the Volta Delta (2-3 February 2017) The Ghana Delta Alliance Wing successfully organised National and Local stakeholder Consultative Meetings on 2-3 February. The two meetings were organised and facilitated by The Development Institute (The DI) with funding support from Delta Alliance Secretariat, Netherlands.
Delta Alliance Secretary, Wednesday 15 February 2017
Report Knowledge Sharing Meeting Dynamic Deltas available (26 January 2017) The Knowledge Sharing Meeting was an initiative of the Dynamic Deltas research programme and the Embassy of Bangladesh in the Netherlands, to share findings and exchange. Dynamic Deltas (2012-2017).
At the end of the meeting, it was expressed that both countries can learn from each other in terms of delta management. Knowledge exchange continues to be important and a priority is to nurture and expand research networks between professionals from the Netherlands and Bangladesh in future cooperation.
Thursday 9 February 2017


Dynamic Deltas: Bottom-up Resilience in Dynamic Deltas and Taking Stock of Progress (9-10 March 2017)
Thursday 9 February 2017
Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities for Soil Management in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (14 February 2017) Please join us for a Climate Smart Agriculture webinar on featuring discussions and presentations addressing the challenges and opportunities of the adoption of healthier soil management practices and technologies.
Tuesday 7 February 2017
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