Deltas and Climate Change News

IPCC report: Climate change impacting entire planet, raising risk of hunger, floods, conflict The effects of climate change are already occurring in all continents and across the oceans, and the world, for the most part, is ill-prepared for their risks, says a United Nations report issued today, which also warns that while action can be taken, managing the phenomenon’s impacts will be difficult on a rapidly warming planet.
UN, Monday 31 March 2014
Increased knowledge of climate change in the Arctic Changed wind patterns and varying circulation in the ocean affect the future of the Arctic. Researchers have ascertained this after nearly four years of work in a multidisciplinary project to increase knowledge of the climate in the Arctic.
SMHI, Monday 31 March 2014
Dutch water governance faces challenges from demographics and climate The Netherlands is a global pioneer in water management with a long history of containing flood risks and reclaiming land from the sea. Yet it will need to adapt its water governance policies to meet the looming challenges of shifting demographics, regional development and climate change, according to an OECD report.
OECD, Monday 17 March 2014
Film 'Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic' online Marine biologist Martine van den Heuvel-Greve from IMARES Wageningen UR talks about her research on possible effects of new activities in the Arctic. By developing new knowledge, she hopes to contribute to the international dialogue on how and where new activities can take place.
IMARES, Wageningen UR, Tuesday 18 February 2014
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