Deltas and Climate Change News

Giant iceberg set to calve from Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica A huge iceberg looks set to break away from the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. Satellite observations from December 2016 show a growing crack in the ice shelf which suggests that an iceberg with an area of up to 5,000 square kilometers is likely to calve soon.
Science Daily, Monday 9 January 2017
Climate change could trigger strong sea level rise About 15,000 years ago the ocean around Antarctica has seen an abrupt sea level rise of several meters. It could happen again. An international team of scientists with the participation of the University of Bonn has reported its findings in Nature Scientific Reports.
Unversity of Bonn, Germany, Monday 9 January 2017
Arctic lakes thawing earlier each year Scientists from the University of Southampton have found Arctic lakes, covered with ice during the winter months, are melting earlier each spring. 13,300 lakes were monitored using satellite imagery, have shown that on average ice is breaking up one day earlier per year, based on a 14-year period between 2000 and 2013. The findings are published in the Nature journal 'Scientific Reports'.
University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Thursday 22 December 2016
West Antarctic ice shelf breaking up from the inside out The Pine Island Glacier, part of the ice shelf that bounds the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is one of two glaciers that researchers believe are most likely to undergo rapid retreat, bringing more ice from the interior of the ice sheet to the ocean, where its melting would flood coastlines around the world.
Science Daily, Wednesday 30 November 2016
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