Deltas and Climate Change News

Flood-risk communications should be specific and tailored and utilise social networks Effective flood-risk communications should include specific information on how householders can protect themselves and their property against flooding, a recent Dutch study concludes. The researchers’ evaluation of communication strategies also highlights an important role for social media in spreading messages about flood risk and protection.
"Science for Environment Policy": European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service, Friday 17 June 2016
Water management: five policy conditions to help overcome the challenges of an uncertain future 'Adaptive co-management' could help water managers cope with future shocks and unpredictability brought by climate change, according to a recent study. They identify five conditions for policies that would create an enabling environment for this management approach, which include the need to account for water’s ecological functions, and for stakeholders to learn from each other.
"Science for Environment Policy": European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service, Friday 10 June 2016
Climate conference in Bonn: good progress to implement the Paris Agreement The first formal negotiating session in Bonn since the adoption of the historic Paris Agreement last December made good progress in developing the rules and tools that will guide the implementation of the Paris Agreement.
EC Climate Action, Thursday 26 May 2016
Launch of the ThinkHazard! web app on natural risks ThinkHazard! is a web app to help understanding of natural disasters at the local scale, across the globe. The app was officially presented on 19 May 2016 during the Understanding Risk forum in Venice, Italy.
BRGM, Thursday 19 May 2016
Scientists predict extensive ice loss from huge Antarctic glacier Current rates of climate change could trigger instability in a major Antarctic glacier, ultimately leading to more than 2m of sea-level rise.
Imperial College London, Wednesday 18 May 2016
Adaptation Futures 2016 Output: Presentations, pictures and videos available Adaptation Futures 2016, a full house in Rotterdam (NL) with over 1600 people participating from more than 100 countries. People from the business community, governments and non-governmental organisations, scientists and practitioners have listened to hundreds of presentations and tens of poster presentations. These are online available and you can watch many pictures, and some videos of the plenary speakers.
Adaptation Futures 2016, Tuesday 17 May 2016
IPCC agrees on strategy and timeline for its next series of reports and 6th Assessment Report The IPCC has decided the timeline for its next series of reports and responded positively to the invitation from the UNFCCC to provide a special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 ºC above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways.
IPCC, Thursday 14 April 2016
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