Deltas and Climate Change News

Inzicht in de waterkwaliteitsproblematiek in de boven-Citarum, Java, Indonesiƫ Het bovenste deel van de Citarum-rivier op Java is ernstig vervuild. Een systeem- en actorenanalyse laten zien dat het probleem voornamelijk sociaal-bestuurlijk van aard is. Het is daarom onverstandig om veel nadruk te leggen op technische oplossingen (full article only in Dutch).
H2O-Online / 1 maart 2017, Monday 6 March 2017
Potatoes and vegetables on saline soil? Possible! Depending on the irrigation method Some potato varieties, cabbage, red onions and broccoli appear well suited to grow on salty farmland. Provided that a special irrigation method is used, whereby the salt water is directly dripped onto the roots of the plants.
Monday 6 March 2017
Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation seeks residence in the Netherlands The Netherlands, Japan and UN Environment will lead the establishment of a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in The Netherlands. Today, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment signed a Statement of Intent together with global partners of the new project. The Centre will address the growing need for support among countries, institutions and businesses for dealing with climate change adaptation issues, such as natural disasters and economic disruptions.
Dutch Government, Monday 6 February 2017
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