Reporting progress of wings 2016/2017

Delta Alliance, supports the sharing and development of knowledge on deltas. As a knowledge network, her aim is to enhance resilience of deltas world-wide. Since its inception in 2010, the Delta Alliance is building up the network based on activities in the various wings, as virtual organisations, networks on the ground. In the agreements that the wings have signed, it has been agreed that they wings report annually.
This reporting round covers the period from April 2016 to June 2017. Seven wings have submitted their report. Besides, from the side of the Delta Alliance International Secretariat wings have been stimulated to organise activities at wing level, and a support (seed money) was provided for this to seven wings. Organisation and implementation was done all by the wings themselves, and in the activities they brought knowledge and people in their wings together.

Key messages and outlook
Key message and outlook are presented in the report, with the objective to inform and learn from each other, and to provide a basis for discussion with the wings and the Delta Alliance Advisory Board about future activities.

The work of the Delta Alliance is shifting from an initial ‘Delta Alliance as connecting the knowledge’ under the programme ‘Knowledge for Climate’, to ‘Delta Alliance as network’ in the period after that, to a current ‘Delta Alliance as network in a dynamic environment, communicating and developing knowledge, and encouraging and facilitating sharing of knowledge’.
The wings play an important role in the Delta Alliance. This report summarised and provided references to the activities of the Wings in the 2016-2017 period. Conclusion is that we have still more to share, and more to collaborate. Examples are the Bangladesh/Myanmar (and possibly Vietnam) collaboration and collaboration between African deltas.
Meanwhile the setting in which the Delta Alliance is working as a knowledge network is rapidly changing, and in particular the development of the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) may be mentioned. In such a quickly changing setting, a reflection with the wings on how the wings want to work together is considered a relevant next step.

The key messages are:

  1. Collaboration between deltas is upcoming in SE Asia and Africa; DA stimulates and supports such collaboration. 
  2. Collaboration between wings and the international secretariat resulted in webinars, reports (among others delta monitor, thought leader reports); the website, newsletter and social media play an important role in sharing knowledge. A next step is how to improve this further, with engagement of the wings, reach more audience, bring more focus.
  3. Delta Alliance has increased its attention to the work on the ground (e.g workshops by the wings); and capacity building on the ground is stimulated , we like to evaluate with the wings.
  4. The wings are the backbone of the Delta Alliance; we are looking how can we strengthen this.
  5. Seed money can help to facilitate activities to bring people and knowledge together.
  6. New wings want to do new assessments of their wings.
  7. We need an update of needs, best practices, etc on a regular basis, to show progress in resilience, how to integrate the Paris agreement with the SDGs and the Sendai Framework.
  8. How can we make more connections with the adaptation efforts in the countries, the UN framework.

Read more: progress report


Delta Alliance International Secretariat
Tuesday 19 December 2017
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