Workshop 'Urban-Environmental Scenarios for Lower Parana Delta'

This workshop on 24 April 2015 was organised by the Instituto Superior de Urbanismo, Territorio y el Ambiente (ISU) of the University of Buenos Aires, Fundación Humedales / Wetlands International Argentina and Delft University of Technology. This activity was also accomplished within the scope of Delta Alliance International - Argentinean Wing, the Argentinean Program of Ecosystem Alliance and the Nairobi work Program on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The main aim of the activity was to create an environment for stakeholder participation through scenario development and joint fact finding, in order to improve the level of integration of the spatial planning context. The activities were focused on the continental and insular areas of the Municipalities of Tigre and San Fernando, located in the Lower Parana Delta, and the scope of participants included Government (National, provincial and Municipal levels), Academia, NGOs, developers, producers, residents and other stakeholders.

During a single full-day meeting, the stakeholders experienced interactively the spatial implications of the drivers of change in the territory (translated into quantified indicators) through the visualisation and manipulation of digital and printed maps. Thus, they were able to discuss about the tendencies of the area and build possible future scenarios considering adaptation measures for increasing the resilience of the Delta.

This strategy was relevant to link climate change risk and developing outlines, and it contributed to the governance of the area since it was a pilot experience for the area and any strategy with this level of interaction and actor involvement has ever been applied here before.

The workshop generated several positive results that opened the possibility for this exercise to be replicated along the Delta in other regions with different pressures, or even in other Deltas.

The methodology and results of the workshop were presented at the Ramsar COP held in Uruguay in June 2015, and at the conference IAHR 2015 held in the Netherlands in July 2015.

The methodological approach was developed within the Delta Research Group of the Department of Urbanism of Delft University of Technology as part of the doctoral thesis of the Arch. MSc Veronica Zagare, supervised by Meyer.

More information and documentation you can find on the Spanish Wetlands International website.

Delta Alliance International Secretariat
Friday 10 July 2015
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