GWP-Delta Alliance Initiative launched at World Water Week 2012

Enabling Delta Life, a collaborative initiative on water management and governance in deltas between the Global Water Partnership and the Delta Alliance, was officially launched on 29 August 2012 at the seminar “Managing the World's Deltas: Unique Systems, Unique Challenges” at the World Water Week in Stockholm.

The objectives of the initiative are to:

  • stimulate increased cooperation worldwide between those involved in the governance of deltas
  • strengthen the science-policy interface objective
  • develop a framework for analysis and action which will feed into the next GWP and Delta Alliance strategy
  • develop a joint GWP – Delta Alliance delta agenda for the next phase.

The world’s deltas are under unprecedented pressure due to human induced change and natural forces. Rapid population growth, land use change, climate change, sea level rise and land subsidence do not only result in significant and irreversible damage to infrastructure, ecosystems and livelihoods but also retard development gains. These complex problems call for concerted action – an integrated framework for decision making incorporating spatial planning, disaster management and risk reduction strategies. The resilience of deltas can only be enhanced through adaptive governance, sound economic instruments and innovative financing.

Join the discussion at our LinkedIn Group and participate in our activities towards producing a Framework for Analysis and Action.

Delta Alliance Secretary
Thursday 30 August 2012
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