Training: Capacity development in Delta Planning and Management

There is an increasing need to train professionals who are able to deal with the interdisciplinary complexities of delta planning and management. The Delta Alliance and its partners in close cooperation with the DeltaCAP project have developed a capacity development programme to support professionals in delta planning and management.

The first training will take place 16-19 September 2017  (by invitation) in Dhaka. This training will focus on developing trainings for organisations dealing with adaptive delta management. The training will entail longer term planning and implementation, and improving the capabilities for integrated assessments and analyses, thus widening the scope for solutions and development of sustainable solutions in the delta.

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The learning objectives in these programmes focus on:

  • Understanding the – urbanising – delta as complex adaptive system
  • Dealing with uncertainties: scenarios, adaptation, and no-regret measures
  • Action and policy focus: Linking long term policy goals (development vision, large system scale) with short term local scale interventions 
  • Combining design, engineering, and governance 
  • Integration of sectoral policy domains 
  • Inclusive development

Objective of the training programmes

The objective of the training programmes on delta planning and management is to enable (delta) professionals to adequately address and deal with complexities and uncertainties associated with the planning and management of deltas for sustainability. The programme will equip them with the competencies to act and reflect on potential impacts of planning and management alternatives.

Intensive tailor made Training on Delta Planning and Management

In the intensive tailor made training Delta Alliance partners in cooperation with local Delta Wings develop and implement a tailored programme on delta planning and management based on the local needs of the client (and related participants).

The tailor made training is an intensive one week programme combining class sessions on contemporary concepts and insights on delta planning and management with workshop sessions in which concepts, insights and planning and management tools are applied.

Requirements participants

  • minimum level of education: Bachelor’s degree
  • working experience in relevant sector (public and/or private)

Graduate Professional Diploma Programme Delta Planning and Management

Currently the Delta Alliance partners (IHE Delft, Deltares, TU Delft, and Wageningen Environmental Research) are developing a credited graduate professional diploma programme (GPDP) on Delta Planning and Management. Participants complete the GPDP Delta Planning and Management by completing various modules / courses with a total study load of 20ECTS (equivalent to 560 hours study load). All participants follow a compulsory introduction course: Delta planning and management (5 ECTS) and in coordination with the programme coordinator select other modules (total 15 ECTS). The programme consists of a sequence of four or five online courses, regular short courses or any combination. The programme offers various tracks (management and governance, modelling and hydro-informatics, urban deltas, coastal zone management, spatial planning, flood resilience, …).
The online courses can be followed part-time, without interrupting a day-time career. In order to ensure that the programme fits the personal circumstances of the applicant, courses will be selected and a personal study plan will be designed in collaboration with a study advisor. The total duration of the programme depends on this study plan, with a maximum of 5 years.

Requirements participants

  • minimum level of education: Bachelor’s degree
  • working experience in relevant sector (public and/or private)

More information

Please visit the DeltaCap website or contact Jaap Evers (IHE Delft) or Jos Timmerman (Wageningen University and Research).

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