Seminar Paraná Delta (11 October 2018)

The Paraná Delta is a heterogeneous and relatively ‘wild’ territory in Argentina which covers around 22.000 km2. The delta is subjected to increasing pressures resulting from climate change as well as from urban development of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires and other cities along the edges of the delta.

Veronica Zagare, Delta Alliance coordinator of the Argentina Wing and urban planner from Buenos Aires, will discuss the future of this delta with experts from Deltares, involved in the Paraná delta as consultants.

Date Thursday 11 October, 15.00 – 17.00
Venue  Faculty of Architecture, Julianalaan 134, Delft - Room U

15.00 Welcome by Prof. Han Meyer, moderator
15.10 Presentation on the Paraná Delta, by Verónica Zagare
15.30 Presentation on the cooperation project between the Netherlands and Argentina
16.00 Round Table

Free entrance for Delta Alliance community, Deltares team, TU-Delft PhD- and MSc students involved in delta planning issues, and other interested people.

Organized by the Delta Urbanism research team, Department of Urbanism, in collaboration with Delta Alliance and Deltares.

For more information please contact Veronica Zagare

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