Mini-debate and book launch 'State of the Delta' (18 December 2017)

The book ‘The State of the Delta’ by Professor Han Meyer describes how the rise of advanced technologies of hydraulic engineering and water management in The Netherlands are related to the development of specific urban patterns and particular social and political institutions and resulted in a completely artificial, man-made landscape. However this ‘Dutch approach’ has reached its limits: ongoing erosion, land-subsidence and salt-intrusion are threatening the Dutch territory increasingly. New experiments in ‘Building with Nature’ are under development, as well as new experiments in planning and management. The Dutch are in search of a new paradigm.

Instead of selling ‘the Dutch approach’ to other parts of the world, a worldwide debate is necessary, focusing on the question how new balances can be realized between the natural conditions and human interventions in urbanizing delta regions.

After the launch of the book by Han Meyer, short presentations will introduce different perspectives and reflections on ‘The State of the Delta’ and the audience will be invited to join the debate.

The debate closes with drinks in Grand Café Verderop (next to the IHE building).


15.30Launch of the book ‘The State of the Delta’ by Han Meyer
Short introductions given by:
  • Pavel Kabat, Director General and Chief Executive Officer International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and chair of the International Governing Board of the Delta Alliance
  • Bas Roels, World Wildlife Fund
  • Chris Zevenbergen, Chair Flood Resilience Group IHE Delft
  • Shahnoor Hasan, PhD fellow IHE Delft
18.00Drinks in Grand Café Verderop (next to the IHE building)


Room B1, IHE Delft (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Westvest 7, 2611 AX Delft, The Netherlands.

Monday 11 December 2017
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