Delta Alliance Declaration

The Delta Alliance Declaration embodies the mission, principles and goals of Delta Alliance. By signing the Declaration, individuals can become members of the Delta Alliance network. The Declaration is also signed by representatives of states and organisations that are committed to improving the resilience of deltas. The first signatures to the Delta Alliance Declaration were provided on 30 September 2010 during the launch of the Delta Alliance, at the Deltas in Times of Climate Change Conference in Rotterdam. 

 Minister Tineke Huizinga is signing the DA Declaration on September 30, 2010

Mrs Tineke Huizinga-Heeringa signing the Delta Alliance Declaration, Rotterdam September 2010

Sign the Declaration and become a member of Delta Alliance

  • The Delta Alliance has the mission to improve the resilience of deltas worldwide
  • Deltas are highly valuable and vulnerable locations
  • Economic, ecological, and social resilience are interdependent and essential for overall resilience 

The members of Delta Alliance will together develop and share knowledge to:

  • Envision resilient deltas 
  • Measure, monitor and report resilience in deltas  
  • Provide inspiration and support for improved resilience in deltas

In pursuing these goals, members will strive to:

  • Share knowledge, expertise and best practices between deltas worldwide 
  • Co-create and integrate knowledge across deltas, sectors and disciplines 
  • Connect expertise and parties from throughout the watershed 
  • Incorporate local knowledge in research and other knowledge-building activities
  • Provide knowledge and insight to support any use, including education, policy development, investments and disaster response

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