New paper on future groundwater extraction-induced subsidence and elevation evolution of the Mekong delta

Minderhoud et al. (2020). Groundwater extraction may drown mega-delta: projections of extraction-induced subsidence and elevation of the Mekong delta for the 21th century.

The projections in this paper reveal the large gain in preserving future elevation achieved by successful implementation of mitigation to reduce groundwater extraction. On the other hand, when groundwater extraction is allowed to continue grow at a moderate rate of 2% per year, the future situation looks much more worrying. 

The new paper is the latest story building on a line of earlier publications of the Rise and Fall project on land subsidence in the Mekong delta:

See also this other Rise and Fall publications on groundwater governance and salinization in the Mekong delta:

All papers are open-access and freely downloadable.

Delta Alliance Secretary
Thursday 23 January 2020
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