Adaptive delta management sessions during ECCA

Several sessions at the 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Glascow (5-9 June, 2017) have been dedicated to adaptive delta management:

Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways (DAPP). Lessons learnt from the Rhine Delta case (Marjolijn Haasnoot, Deltares / TU Delft)
This session elaborated on the different approaches to establishing an adaptive (delta) plan, while focusing on the differences between theory and practice. A case for analysis was the Rhine Delta Plan, for which the DAPP method was implemented. Employing the DAPP methodology in a policy planning context contributed to; exploring different options over time, identifying short- and long-term measures and taking into account path dependency. Furthermore, pathways were constructed from the perspective of different stakeholders. Contrary to DAPP theory, the Rhine Delta Plan did not incorporate adaptation tipping points. Determining adaptation tipping points was unfeasible due to a lack of concrete policy goals, among other things.

Tailoring adaptation pathways to support adaptive delta management in Bangladesh (Marjolijn Haasnoot, Deltares / TU Delft)
Recently, the Bangladesh Government has formed a bilateral cooperation with the Netherlands to develop the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. Although the ADM approach is inspired by developments in the Netherlands, the application to Bangladesh has differences (e.g. a stronger focus on enabling socio-economic development). This session elaborated on applying the DAPP concept in a different context. Moreover, the session included an interactive part where participants indicated how the DAPP method could be applied to their work and which improvements and/or adjustments would be necessary. It was concluded that more guidance is needed for the construction of pathways. Additional guidance can be delivered through expert workshops and/or modelling sessions, with the latter being the most time- and data-intensive.

Delta Alliance Secretary
Wednesday 05 July 2017
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