Stakeholder initiative: Roundtable for a Dialogue on the Reconquista River Basin (31 May 2017)

The Roundtable for a Dialogue on the Reconquista River Basin was organised by the Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing, Fundación Torcuato Di Tella, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Comité de Cuenca del Río Reconquista (COMIREC)-Reconquista Basin Committee, a basin committee established by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires to pursue integrated water management strategies at the Reconquista river basin level.

The Roundtable was attended by over 60 representatives of government institutions and agencies and relevant stakeholders. They explored major conflicts of the Reconquista river basin and discussed how to accomplish sustainable and collaborative solutions.

The main objectives of the dialogue were to:

  • Generate a platform for dialogue in order to identify problems and barriers related to the environmental management of the basin, as well as flood risks, and to build consensus on options to address those barriers, as well as to engage stakeholders towards future action planning
  • Enhance participation and benefit from the value added by the perceptions and knowledge of local actors in the identification of major conflicts and potential  solutions as well as in the promotion of transformations at different scales (municipal level up to basin level), contributing to reinforce the planning process in order to expand the co-benefits resulting from transformational actions
  • Share knowledge and experiences within the framework of Delta Alliance, other convening organisations and stakeholders from different sectors, including government, academia, civil society organisations, private sector and individual citizens

Other objectives of the initiative, specifically regarding the Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing were to:

  • Contribute to strengthening the role of the Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing in matters related to enhancing public participation and contributing to improve planning and policy design at the basin level 
  • Reinforce its participation as a part of the actor network engaged on Delta related issues in Argentina
  • Disseminate knowledge on the activities undertaken by Delta Alliance International, as well as enhancing the outreach of the initiatives by Delta Alliance Argentinean Wing among civil society and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Provide a technical contribution to the overall process of understanding and enhancing governance at the Reconquista basin level and facilitating initiatives and actions towards reinforcing resilience of the basin

The conclusions of this initiative are being submitted to the COMIREC as a technical report, in order to be used as a knowledge base for the elaboration of priorities within the political agenda and foster the consideration of solutions.
The document will also be eventually used in meetings within the scope of COMIREC, such as the ones concerning integrated management of urban solid waste, meetings the universities involved in projects within the area, etc.

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Verónica M.E. Zagare, Argentina Wing coordinator

Delta Alliance Argentina Wing
Tuesday 13 June 2017
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