Wing Activities 2019, overview


Delta Alliance WING Ebro Spain
The Ebro Delta Wing in Spain will organize a workshop focused on the search for solutions for sediment deficit, sea level rise, coastal erosion and land subsidence. Related problems are experienced widely by the Ebro Delta nowadays, and the Wing will involve a variety of stakeholders, researchers, administrators and scholars in their search of consensus for solutions.
The Wing wants to incorporate most of the stakeholders in the Ebro Delta Wing and invite other interested parties who might want to them become part of the Wing as well.
The expected outcome of the workshop is a proposal for a future project on (one of) the above mentioned topics. Further, a video for community out-reach (co-funded by, amongst others, the Innomnium Foundation), and a joint position paper on sustainable solutions for erosion, subsidence and sea level rise will be produced. The possibility of including other Wing members in the position paper will be strongly encouraged.
Download the workshop document (pdf)

Main stakeholders:

  • Research Institutions and Universities, i.e. IRTA (Organizer and Wing Member), UPC (Wing Member), ICGC (Wing Member), Ebro Observatory, Eurecat, URV.
  • Administrations: City Councils, Government of Catalonia, Government of Spain, Ebro Delta Natural Park, Catalan office on Climate Change (Wing Member).
  • Stakeholders: Irrigation Communities, SEO/BirdLife, Campaign for Sediments, Platform in Defence of Ebro River, Biosphere Reserve, Innomnium Foundation.
  • Economic sectors and private companies: Farming, aquaculture, water management, ecotourism, etc.
    Schools: Students in the range of 15-17 years old from the Ebro Delta High Schools

China, Yellow River Wing
>> International workshop and expedition held on Yellow River delta coastal wetland protection and restoration
The international workshop and expedition on Yellow River delta coastal wetland protection and restoration was held on July 3 until 20, which brought international experts from China, the Netherlands and Italy to share knowledge on coastal wetland protection and restoration under intensified climate change and human impacts. Read a detailed summary of this event.
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Argentina Wing
Seminar (to be planned in November 2019) on nature-based solutions (NBS) focused on de-culverting. Aim is to discuss the benefits associated with NBS, as well as to review successful cases around the world.
Among NBS found globally, de-culverting is a relevant option to be analysed, from its basic form (the removal of the “roof” of a culvert) up to integral solutions, such as the reconstruction of the riverbed and banks. Given that in the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires, there is a long history of culverting watercourses, which resulted on negative environmental, social and economic impacts, it is relevant to explore new alternatives to restore the relation of the city with nature. The seminar would be a significant activity for the DA Wing as well as for the delta management community in Argentina, because it will create a space of discussion where national and international experts from different fields will share their experiences; creating a network to develop further activities in the future and the starting point for the implementation, during 2020, of an intensive workshop with the participation of graduate and postgraduate students from Argentine universities, and an international expert to guide participation. 


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