Delta Alliance Wing Activities Fund 2019

The purpose of the Delta Alliance | WING Activities Fund 2019 is to promote and strengthen cooperation between delta professionals and researchers within the Delta Alliance wings. This fund provides the opportunity to apply for a grant for organising workshops, excursions, visits and round trips, symposia, writing and publishing relevant publications, producing videos, policy briefs, infographics etc. More information is available via the Wing coordinators.

Benin Wing
>> Survey on challenges in the Ouémé Delta
The Benin Wing has, as part of the Delta Alliance Activity Fund 2019, conducted a survey on challenges faced in the Ouémé Delta and validated and discussed results through a participatory stakeholder workshop including local governments, the National Institute of Water, the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, the Benin Environment Society NGO and the Benin Global Water Partnership, the Ministry of Water through the National Office of Water and the Ouémé Basin Committee as well as the Benin Environmental Agency and private sector stakeholders. Challenges touched upon were population increase, unsustainable management and climate change, which made this activity particularly relevant to build capacities of local authorities and work towards a common vision for counteracting pressures and challenges in the management of the delta. Furthermore, the initiative created synergy between governmental actors and other stakeholders and understanding of processes that are taking place in the area. The initiative was supported by the Dutch Embassy and the French Development Agency, which has created an atmosphere of cooperation that will guide to new opportunities in the future.

Spain Wing
>> Workshop: 'Solutions for coastal erosion and subsidence' (20 March 2020)
The Ebro Delta Wing in Spain will organize a workshop focused on the search for solutions for sediment deficit, sea level rise, coastal erosion and land subsidence. Related problems are experienced widely by the Ebro Delta nowadays, and the Wing will involve a variety of stakeholders, researchers, administrators and scholars in their search of consensus for solutions. The Wing wants to incorporate most of the stakeholders in the Ebro Delta Wing and invite other interested parties who might want to them become part of the Wing as well. The expected outcome of the workshop is a proposal for a future project on (one of) the above mentioned topics. Further, a video for community out-reach (co-funded by, amongst others, the Innomnium Foundation), and a joint position paper on sustainable solutions for erosion, subsidence and sea level rise will be produced.
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Vietnam Wing
>> Activities around water resource issues of the Red River Delta (December 2019)
Efforts are being made to promote the Faculty of Water Resources at the Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE), including building a sensible, youth-oriented communication strategy such as building a youthful Facebook page and developing media content tailored to the interests of students.
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Argentina Wing
>> Seminar: 'Territorios del Agua' (3 December 2019)
Reflection and exchange of Argentinean academic projects, plus the perspective and experience of The Netherlands. In this seminar, representatives of different Argentinean universities presented graduate and postgraduate workshop productions, to generate a scope for reflection on the problem of the design and implementation of nature-based solutions in Argentina. Additionally, Dutch experts offered keynote lectures with reflections and case studies on nature-based solutions (NBS). Aim was to discuss the benefits associated with NBS, as well as to review successful cases around the world.
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Indonesia Wing
>> Workshop: land subsidence in delta cities of northern Java (27 November 2019) 
The Delta Alliance Indonesia Wing (DAIW) has held a workshop in Geostech of the Science and Technology Research Center (Puspiptek) Serpong, Jakarta subsurb. The workshop was jointly organised with the Centre of the Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction (PTRRB), Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT). Several other partners and key institutions in the workshop includes the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Research and Development Center for Water Resources (PusAir), the Groundwater Conservation Agency (BKAT), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Deltares, and local government of Semarang. The workshop is jointly funded by Delta Alliance activity fund 2019.
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Ghana Wing
>> Volta Delta Strategic Plan (VDSP) Workshop (November 2019)

Having been inducted as a full member of the Delta Alliance in 2017, the Ghana Wing has developed institutional structure, and also submitted the mandatory initial assessment/baseline; it is important for member organizations and stakeholders to work towards sustainable development goals of the Volta Delta. The strategic plan is expected to capture the ambitions and the strategies, activities, budget to enhance fund raising and partnerships for implementation. The VDSP is expected to feed into the Africa Delta Alliance Network, the ongoing initiatives for integrated water resource management (IWRM) by the Blue Deal project for the Volta Delta and the flood and drought management project by the Volta Basin Authority and partners.

Bangladesh Wing
>> Workshop: Sediment and Salinity in the coastal areas of Bangladesh (13 November 2019)

This workshop has been arranged under Delta Wings Activity Fund 2019, organized by Institute of Water Modelling on behalf of the Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing. Mr. Kabir Bin Anwar, Hon’ble Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources of Bangladesh and Chairperson, IWM Board of Trustees graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Dr. M Monowar Hossain, Executive Director, Institute of Water Modelling and Coordinator Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing.
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China, Yellow River Wing
>> Workshop: 'Coastal wetland protection and restoration' (3-20 July 2019)
The international workshop and expedition on Yellow River delta coastal wetland protection and restoration was held on July 3 until 20, which brought international experts from China, the Netherlands and Italy to share knowledge on coastal wetland protection and restoration under intensified climate change and human impacts.
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