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  • Floods in Bangladesh; Delta's are highlighted in interview by Nature
    With the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta sinking, the race is on to protect millions of people from future flooding. This article mentions the Bangladesh Delta Plan, and is quoting a number of scientists related to the Delta Alliance. Nature, Wednesday 9 April 2014 
  • Century-Scale Dynamics of the Bengal Delta and Future Development
    Conference paper. 4th International Conference on Water and Flood Management, Institute of Water and Flood Management, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2013.
  • Joint Perspective of Knowledge Institutions Called upon to Address Delta Problems
    The Institute of Water Modelling and Partners of DABW organized the Launching Workshop of the Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing on 25 October 2011 at BRAC Centre INN, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
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    Meeting report >>>
    Video message President Delta Alliance International, Mrs. Tineke Huizinga-Heringa
    Institute of Water Modelling, Bangladesh >>>
  • Report identification mission Bangladesh, 20- 24 June 2010
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