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  • DA No. 9 - Driel, W.F. van, T. Bucx, A. Makaske, C. van de Guchte, T. van der Sluis, H. Biemans, G.J. Ellen, M. van
    Gent, G. Prinsen, B. Adriaanse (2015). Vulnerability assessment of deltas in transboundary river basins. Delta Alliance contribution to the Transboundary Water Assessment Program, River Basins Assessment. Delta Alliance Report 9. Delta Alliance International, Wageningen – Delft, The Netherlands


  • DA No. 6 – Driel,  W.F. van (2014). Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award; Innovative solutions for delta challenges worldwide. Final report. Delta Alliance report no. 6, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • DA No. 7 - Tom Bucx (Deltares), Wim van Driel (Alterra-Wageningen UR), Hans de Boer (TU-Delft), Susan Graas (UNESCO-IHE), Victor Langenberg (Deltares), Marcel Marchand (Deltares), Cees van de Guchte (Deltares). (2014). Comparative assessment of the vulnerability and resilience of deltas - Extended version with 14 deltas: Synthesis report. Delta Alliance report number 7; Work report. Delta Alliance report number 7a.


  • DA No. 4 – Marchand, M., T. Bucx, C. van de Guchte, A. Makaske, W.F. van Driel (2013). Enabling Delta life – What makes managing land and water in deltas different? Discussion paper. Delta Alliance Report number 4. Delta Alliance International and Global Water Partnership, Delft-Wageningen, the Netherlands





    • DA No. 1 - Bucx, T., M. Marchand, A. Makaske, C. van de Guchte (2010). Comparative assessment of the vulnerability and resilience of 10 Deltas: Synthesis report. Delta Alliance Report number 1. Work report. Delta Alliance report number 1a. Delta Alliance International, Delft-Wageningen, the Netherlands.


    • DA No. 8 - P.J. Ward, E.C. van Ierland, Y. Budiyono, P. Wijayanti, S. Muis, M.A. Marfai, Poerbandono, M.M. Julian, A. Fauzi (2014). Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools (JCAT). This final report provides an overview of the different activities, methods, and tools carried out in the JCAT project (HSINT02a). Delta Alliance report number 8.




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